CBS/KLSX Pulls Dave Pounder Radio Show

CBS Radio has pulled "Real Talk with Dave Pounder and Chase Styles" from its programming lineup. The program had been set to air on Los Angeles station KLSX on Jan. 26.

"The station was receiving too much heat from the network regarding a perceived endorsement of pornography, so they ended up pulling the show," said Pounder.  "The show really didn't have anything to do with pornography aside from the fact Chase and I came from the business, but we suspected something like this might happen." 

According to a press release, attorneys for Pounder and Styles are reviewing contract specifics to determine whether or not damages are due to the two hosts asa result of the termination.

"The frustrating part is that we disclosed all of this to the station from the very beginning, yet they backed out of the contract at the very last minute," Pounder said. "We forewent other business opportunities to proceed with this radio program, and now those opportunities are no longer available to us.

Pounder and Styles are now looking into satellite radio as an option for their show.