Catching Up With Rebeca Linares

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Rebeca Linares has been setting the American porn world ablaze since making the move here a year ago last March. Having starred in about 100 titles during her two years on the Euro circuit, the 24-year-old Spanish spitfire has done nearly triple that number in the States.

We sat down with Rebeca — who, she would like very much for everybody to note, spells her name with one 'c' — over a fine Mexican lunch near the AVN compound, and had her tell us in her delightful Spanish accent all about where she came from and what brought her to this neck of the woods.

AVN: Does it make you angry when people spell Rebeca with two 'c's?

Rebeca Linares: Yes. Very angry.

AVN: So what all did you do in Spain?

Linares: The same — I sucked cock. But it was less, maybe four times, six times a month. And you stay all day for the scene; you do three, four hours for drama. In Spain, it's more romantic, it's not so nasty.

AVN: How did you get into the business there?

Linares: You know Nacho Vidal? Well, my best friend is friends with Nacho, and later I became friends with Nacho, and I stayed with him, and I started in January three years ago.

AVN: What made you decide to come here?

Linares: Working [only] in Barcelona and Madrid, you cannot live with this, because it's little money, little work. So you need to move around to Berlin, Ibiza, here, here … I wanted to stay in one place, living and working every day, and here is the whole business.

AVN: What's different about the industry there from what it's like here?

Linares: I don't understand [how come] here, it's every day porno, but you need to find a store to get the movies, you need to look on the internet to find something. But in Spain it's opposite — every day the people speak about porno, you can see on television the girls for shampoo, you can see their titties, their body, you know? It's got me confused, because in Spain, the people are more open, but here is where the business is.

AVN: So you think the movies here are more extreme?

Linares: Yes, it's very crazy here. I worked in Spain before I came here with Brandon Iron and Jake Malone, and I think, "Wow." I was a little scared when I came here, maybe in one week I [would be] broken. But I love cock, so. …

AVN: How old were you the first time you saw a porno?

Linares: 11. My first magazine was 9. My first movie, I was 11, 12. They were my mom's. She likes Sandra Romain. Sometimes I question [her], "You look at my movies, mom?" And she says, "No, I love movies from Sandra Romain."

AVN: So what does your mom think of you being in them?

Linares: Sometimes she says, "Yeah, you know, she's a porn star, she's a good actress, blah, blah," but sometimes she says, "She sucks cocks every day, what the fuck?" I think she looks at movies of mine, but I don't know … uch!

AVN: What's the strangest sexual encounter you've ever had?

Linares: One day in a park by a school — I was 16 — I was with my boyfriend, and the police came and questioned, "What are you doing?" thinking maybe we were doing drugs or something like that. And he said, "No, I'm playing with my girlfriend, you know," and the police say, "Well, OK, you have 10 minutes to finish, because people are coming in the school."

AVN: Do you smoke?

Linares: No.

AVN: Do you drink?

Linares: Sometimes, when I go to parties. A beer is good, because in the morning you don't feel [hung over], you know?

AVN: Do you have any bad habits?

Linares: Not really. I'm a good girl. If I do something bad, I don't tell you...I'm not stupid!

Rebeca Linares can be seen in Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 6 (Belladonna/Evil Angel), Chica Boom 40 (Kick Ass Pictures), Filth Factory (Ninn Worx_SR), Red Hot Fox (Digital Playground) and Lesbian Tutors 4 (Triangle Films), among many others, and can be found at For booking, go to