Castle Megastore Treats Vendors to Party Bus Tour

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Castle Megastore president and CEO Mark Franks treated over thirty DVD vendors at the ExpoMark show to a three-hour limo tour on Tuesday night.

The retail chain hired a limousine 'party bus' with a fully stocked bar to take 44 adult DVD vendors from the expo's Squaw Peak resort location to Castle’s North Phoenix store. Reps from top adult studios got the chance to see their in-store product placement and learn about how Castle's retail programs affect brick-and-mortar DVD sales.

"It was wonderful," said Castle video sales rep Ronda Coleman, who helped organize the tour. "The bus was standing-room only. We had studio sales people, owners and representatives from many adult companies, and I've had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who attended. We try to take people to two different stores every year, but this tour turned into such a smashing success that we only had time to visit one store."

Among the vendors who joined Castle on the bus were James Melendy (Black Market), Dion Giarrusso and Marcelle (Combat Zone), Chris Alexander and Dan M. (Anabolic), Steve B. (Filmco), Ed Kail (VCA), Bonnie Kail (Wicked), Tom DeNiro (NinnWorx), Bill Rix (Pure Play) and many more.

"It was a really cool event," said Melendy. "Castle's stores are incredible."