Cassidy Klein to Move to Hawaii, Transition to Girl/Girl Only

LOS ANGELES—Adult star Cassidy Klein wants to take her fans on tour with her when she moves to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Klein, who was born and raised in Orange County, Calif., will relocate to the exotic destination in the central Pacific next week and plans to chronicle her upcoming adventures in a series of video blogs on her new YouTube channel “Cassidy in Kauai.”

The seasoned performer also recently launched her online shop,, and on Wednesday announced her decision to only do girl/girl sex scenes going forward. 

“I went to Kauai for my birthday in May and I just absolutely fell in love with it there,” said Klein, who turned 26. “I’ve never felt more happy and at peace with myself than when I was there and that’s what I want most in my life right now—is to be happy. So I decided that there are girls who fly to LA from Florida to film and then come back every couple months—why can’t I do that from Kauai?

“I can still cam, do Skype shows and make customs from there.” 

She created her online store about a month ago for fans who would like to buy personalized merchandise and schedule shows with her.

“I’m going to make more merch in the future,” Klein said. “They can buy my panties, my shoes, whatever they feel like buying and they can also order my custom videos and Skype shows through my website. It’s way easier to do it this way.”

Meanwhile on YouTube, Klein intends to give fans a front-row seat as she explores all that Kauai has to offer.

“For each video I’m going to be doing a different thing—like snorkeling or para-sailing or a helicopter tour or hiking to a waterfall or cliff jumping—something to capture the attention of my fans and show them that there is beauty beyond the human body. I just want people to see the beauty of Kauai and appreciate it like I do. I’m already getting such positive feedback from everyone and it’s doing much better than I thought it ever would.”

Klein, who debuted in adult when she was 22 and has racked up almost 300 sex scenes, said her decision to transition to girl/girl exclusively was a careful one.

“It’s a little bit of a physical toll for me. I feel like four years of boy/girl and anal is enough. I may come back to it one day, I may not. I really love women and I’d like to do more girl/girl scenes and explore that side of me,” Klein told AVN.

“I’ve definitely done a good amount of girl/girl scenes; I genuinely love women and I feel like you can see that in my scenes more than you can in my boy/girl scenes. You’re not always going to like who you are working with but that’s part of being a performer. I genuinely love every single girl I’ve met in the industry. There is something special and beautiful in each woman.”

A former professional nanny before porn, Klein said she has been booking her own work since February. One of her highlight performances of 2017 without question is her feature role in Jacky St. James’ Darker Side of Desire for Sweet Sinner.

I’m really proud of that because any chance I get to work for Jacky St. James I jump at it,” Klein said. “I know she’s genuine and one of the kindest people I know. I love to work for her and be on her sets.”

She continued, “Another one I’m really proud of is the Guardians of the Galaxy parody that I did for Digital Playground. I was in makeup for six hours of body paint from top to bottom. I played Gamora the alien and they let me do fight scenes—they choreographed fight scenes for me. That was the best time I think I ever had on a set, just action packed. I had never been body painted before so that is a goal achieved.”

Klein worked with Michael Vegas in the scene for director Danny D.

To book Klein, contact her at [email protected]