Casey Parker on Cover of <i>Co-Ed</i> Magazine

LOS ANGELES - Shane's World contract performer Casey Parker is featured on the cover of Co-Ed magazine, on newsstands now.

According to a recent press release, Co-Ed is described as the top-rated college magazine. The current issue features 21 photos of Parker along with an interview. In addition, there is also an online feature that can be see here.

Parker told AVN, "I'm honored to be part off college magazine like Co-Ed that's had Dane Cook on the cover. I think with all the movies I do for Shane's World, I try to project an image that says it's okay to be a college girl and be open with your sexuality. I think Co-Ed magazine got that from me."

When asked about her college affiliation, Parker said, "I took a semester off to do feature dancing. but I'm starting back." Parker says she attends an unnamed San Diego area school and is majoring in business administration with a minor in Spanish.

Andrew S., Hush Hush and Shane’s World CEO says, "I know this is the first of many covers for Casey this year; fans can’t get enough of her. She is the quintessential wild college girl. I know Co-Ed readers will love her sweet demeanor, sexy girl-next-door vibe and ability to seduce even the most stoic man on campus!"

Parker appears in Shane’s World productions Casey Parker’s Is Boy Crazy, which is on shelves now, and the soon to be released Casey Parker’s California Dreamin', which hits the streets on March 25.