Carrot Top Presents AVN's Best Video Feature Award

Of the mainstream entertainers and celebs at the 2007 AVN Awards, one man stood out as a truly awe-inspiring figure.

We're not talking about arrogant strutter Gene Simmons (who bragged about his shmekl backstage while a reality-TV camera crew tracked his every movement) or alt-rock idol Dave Navarro (who, one observer quipped, "looked like the Werewolf of West Hollywood.") Forget those guys; the coolest carrot on the premises was undoubtedly prop-wrangling comedian Carrot Top.

Accompanied onstage by starlet Kimberly Kane and Howard Stern Show personality J.D., Carrot Top presented the final award of the evening for Best Video Feature. The trophy went to Sex Z Pictures' Corruption.

The popular comic arrived at the Mandalay Bay after performing two sets at the MGM Grand, where his show was voted the best in town by Vegas Essential magazine. Unwinding with a drink backstage at the Mandalay Bay, C-Top was happy to talk about his presence at the AVN awards ceremony.

When asked about his role as an awards presenter, the comedian replied, "Well, I'm a chronic masturbator, so they asked me, of course; 'He looks like he jerks off a lot…hey, do you want to be in the show?' Actually, I've known Ron Jeremy for years, I know Randy West, a lot of these people. So, I have a show in Vegas, they asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said, absolutely. What's funny, the first time I saw a porn star, I was like, 'I know you from somewhere'…and it's so embarrassing. 'Oh, that's right -- I came to you!'"

Carrot Top was not shy about his enjoyment of X-rated videos. He recalled his first exposure to porn in detail: "I remember what it was exactly – it was Debbie Does Dallas. My Dad had it on 8-track or something – the big reel-to-reel video, that's how old it was. I found it in my Dad's closet, and I thought, 'Oh, my God. What is this?' I put it in, and I'd never seen porn – it was like, 'I'm going to send you to the moon.' My Dad said to me, 'If you're going to watch my porn, put it back the way you left it.' He had it cued up to the money shot. I learned early on; leave the porn at the right spot – though today, of course, it's all on DVD."

Hanging out with fellow jokester Bobby Slayton and a slew of porn actresses, the comic was obviously having a good time as he awaited his cue. "I appreciate everybody having me here," he said. "Larry Flynt's on stage right now -- he doesn't know he's on right now, but he's on. And Jenna Jameson's here-- she couldn't keep her eyes on me all night, I noticed."