Candy Shop Presents <i>Momma's Got a 'G' Thang</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Red Light District's ethnic label Candy Shop has released Momma's Got A 'G' Thang, starring former company publicist De'Bella.

"I think the reason the MILF thing so big is that we’ve neglected the space between teen and granny," director Diana DeVoe told AVN. "Some place in between, there are hot women. They’re not old, and they don’t look like they’re 14. And because we can’t call them women, we call them MILFs and everybody’s eating them up."

Of De'Bella, Devoe remarked: "She’s got so much energy and coming from the side of the biz she came from, more the administrative side, way behind the camera…I think it kind of shocks anyone who knows her in an office capacity."

De'Bella's scene with Cuntre Pipes was shot in Woodland Hills earlier this year while she was still working in the Red Light offices. At the time, De'Bella had just wrapped a guest shot on 'Maury' with tabloid TV host Maury Povich; she wore the lingerie provided by 'Maury' producers on both sets, making Momma's Got A 'G' Thang the first porn video to feature wardrobe courtesy of Maury.

AVN freelancer Vance Kingsley witnessed the De'Bella/Cuntre Pipes throwdown in the flesh. DeVoe shot the scene herself with assistance from her lovely, ever-faithful production assistant Trinity Post.

"I've succeeded in blocking out the memory of that shoot, but according to my notes, De'Bella asked Cuntre to play rough with her, and Cuntre said, 'I can't go with that domestic violence shit'," Kingsley said.

Momma's Got a 'G' Thang also stars Rico Strong, Deep Threat, Kylie Worthy, India Summer, Kayla Prettyman, Sophia Mounds and Jon Jon.

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