Candice Dare Discusses Porn Career

LOS ANGELES—Candice Dare admits she’s a pleaser when it comes to both cooking and sex. 

“I love doing those things,” Dare says. “It’d be cool to combine them somehow.”

The native of Olympia, Wash., who has a degree from Seattle Culinary Academy, says she’s been thinking about doing a sexy, but safe-for-work cooking show for YouTube that would complement her porn persona.

“Just be like really cute and flirty and then at the end be like, ‘If you want to see what happens after the meal, go to my website,’ and then shoot a scene that would be after the cooking show to try to get both sides of it,” Dare says.

“I have so many things I want to do.”

A seasoned chef whose prowess in the kitchen is rivaled by her craving for hardcore, Dare has been in and out of the porn business since 2012 but decided to get serious last November when she signed with Society 15. Since then she’s performed for leading studios such as Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Lust Army, ArchAngel, Perv City, Wicked Pictures and more.

“I just shot for Wicked this week for the first time,” Dare says, noting she hooked up with Tommy Gunn. “It was my first time using a condom on set which was interesting and my first time doing softcore. It was a good scene. The condom kind of threw me off because I’m just not used to it and because it was an anal scene. But we made it work.”

With only about 50-something movie credits since 2014—she took a year off when she was in a relationship—Dare stands poised for a breakout year in 2017 as some of the most high-profile and intense work of her career will be hitting the streets in the coming weeks.

The no-holes-barred performer recently worked with professional ass stretcher Mike Adriano in a memorable session.

“I like working for Mike Adriano. It’s always a hard day, just because he has a big cock and there’s lots of gaping,” she says. “I think it’s cool when I go back and I see the gape. It’s really weird because he always wants to see how big your gape can get. It’s like oh my god, I didn’t know my butthole could do that. I’ve worked for Adriano a lot. I have a couple scenes that aren’t out yet.”

She also is patiently waiting for her first gangbang—a five-guy throwdown for director Pat Myne and Elegant Angel—to be released after shooting it in November.

“It was fun. Two of the male talent didn’t show up so he had to get on the phone and start making calls to get guys to come. I’m like why wouldn’t you want to come fuck me?” Dare jokes.

“I like it because there’s always something to be done. There were three more experienced performers and then two new ones. So it was dominated by the three guys and then the two newer guys kind of just came in when they could.”

The three veterans were Mr. Pete, John Strong and three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue for the scene that will be in Gangbanged 8 due out in June.

“I would do it again,” Dare says without hesitation.

In fact, next time she would like to take things a few dozen steps further.

“What I do want to do is a giant gangbang where they’re all creampies and they just fill me up—I would love that,” Dare confesses. “Like in a position where they would just all stay in me. I have a really big creampie fetish so that would be fun. So like 50 guys or something, yeah. Just feed me with a straw.” 

During Dare’s first two years in porn she worked for a gay studio in Las Vegas, helping to break in brand new male performers. Performing under the name Tiffany, she was ok with second billing for the scenes because it allowed her time to learn.

“The scenes mainly were for fans to say, oh he is straight but he’s going to go do gay now,” Dare says. “So not many people watched that for me. It was a good way for me to get into porn but not really have my face out there too much, but kind of get used to it.

“And then in 2014 I was like I want to make a bigger name for myself and start working for bigger companies, so that’s when I became Candice Dare.”

Now more committed than ever to her adult film career, Dare plans to move from Seattle to LA in July as she eyes the next level in porn and culinary arts.

“I want to start doing more private cheffing and catering and I think there will be a lot more work in LA,” Dare says. “I’ve always loved setting up meals. I love cooking, just setting the table and getting food ready for a party. Before I went to culinary school I hadn’t done that much cooking I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. A lot of careers you haven’t actually done it, you just know you want to do it.

“Going to culinary school was like my dream. My parents weren’t really that supportive. They were but they wanted me to live at home and go to the community college in my hometown. I was like no, I want to go to Seattle, there’s more opportunity up there. So I went to Seattle Culinary Academy and once I entered school I was like this is what I want to do, this is where I want to be. I was so happy and then living in Seattle is just really expensive and trying to go to school and do a part-time job.

“So one day I was sitting in my room and I was like I need to make some money. I’ve always thought about porn.”

Dare says she actually did one amateur scene for $300 back when MySpace was still a thing. When she decided to seek out professional porn companies, she found the gay studio on Craigslist.

“They flew me to Vegas and I stayed in the model house. They were super strict on rules. The testing was super strict. They fed me. There were so many rules in the house, like you couldn’t fool around off camera, couldn’t exchange phone numbers. They didn’t want people hanging out outside of work. It was way more professional than I could’ve ever imagined,” Dare says.

Even though she was the “co-star” in those early scenes, she found herself taking the lead.

“I led the scene a little bit more as far as position changes because those boys had never done it before and I had been there for two years,” Dare says. “I was like I’ve done 20 scenes, I know what to do. By then so I was very confident in position changes because I worked with the same videographer. I knew what he wanted. But when I work [in LA] now I work with a different director almost every time and I kind of just let them put me where they want me.”

She adds, “I think my oral has gotten better, as in the whole deep-throating and gagging thing I’m a little bit better at. At least I know what they want to see. If it’s a messy scene, I can make it messy.

“I don’t think I used to go as hard as I do now. I’ve kind of gotten my anal game down a little bit better as far as knowing my body and prepping and stretching and stuff. I think just having proper toys to get you warmed up.”

Meanwhile, Dare says one of her specialties as a chef is lamb.

“I do this really good rack of lamb where I cut it into each rack and then I sear it—just sear it don’t cook it all the way through—and then cover it in Dijon mustard and then pinko and herbs and then bake that. It’s so good,” Dare reveals.

“It’s kind of Mediterranean because it’s lamb so I would also do like a couscous or a Greek salad or a Tabbouleh. I really like Mediterranean food and salads, so I want to do more of that. Mediterranean food can be so healthy.”

Dare says she recently left her job at the restaurant—a seafood and steakhouse that made its own pasta—where she worked for the past four-and-a-half years. She says everyone there knew about her porn career.

“They were real accepting. It’s in Capitol Hill, so it’s a very open community. My boss was gay; the owner is a lesbian. They’re just very open to whatever you want to do as long as you don’t hurt anybody,” Dare says. “The only thing was when we would hire new young men—any men— they’d be like, ‘OK don’t tell him.’ And then eventually I would tell them.” 

Now with her new focus on adult, “I would like to get as much out of it as I can and use my name that I build for other ventures," she says.

Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustrybyRick.