Candee Licious Gets 'Nassty' for LittleCaprice-Dreams

LOS ANGELES—Candee Licious tells AVN that during her time in adult she has learned to let go of judgment and jealously while addressing her trust issues.

“I healed a lot since I started this journey and I am still healing myself,” says Candee, who broke into the porn industry in the summer of 2015. “I learned to focus on myself and not look at other’s achievements.

“I also learned that I have value as an individual and this value is independent from anything or anyone in this world.

The Hungarian star says she also learned that “money is not everything and my family means more to me than ever!”

She loves the sense of community that comes with her career, especially the melting pot of cultures.

“There are many cultures mixed together in this business what gives a charm to it and also a chance to get acquainted with different places and people,” Candee says. “Plus it’s not a boring job. I mean you can’t compare it with a 9-to-5. Many times you need to get out of your comfort zone, but this is how we grow.”

A former waitress and makeup artist, Licious admits she was curious about porn. She decided to try it for “the chance and the opportunity for a great experience.”

“It is really different than what I have expected,” she says.

Now after more than 200 credits in the past eight years in multiple countries, Candee says she has evolved into a true professional.

“When I perform I think about what is the theme and style of the scene, and if it is constructed around a specific fantasy I try to build my performance based on that,” Candee explains. “I also strive to make the best possible scene and be creative as much as I can.”


One of those recent examples came on the set of for the NasstyX series.

Candee squared off with Stanley Johnson in a dreamy pool encounter titled “Missing Date” for director Marcello Bravo, whose wife and business partner is the three-time AVN International Female Performer of the Year, Little Caprice.

“I haven’t met them before, but I wished to work with them,” Licious says. “They are very nice friendly people, fun to work with.

“I was excited of course. I am always excited when I work for a production I didn’t do before.”

Originally from the countryside of Hungary, Candee now makes her home in Budapest.

“But more in a green area,” she says. “I would not prefer to live in the center of the city. For me it’s way too intense.”

She did many jobs before adult, including waitressing, hostessing and working in a clothing shop. Candee says waitressing was ‘kind of fun”—she held down shifts at Hotel Boscolo, a Marriott hotel and at Felix restaurant.

“I also attended weddings, it was quite fun,” Candee adds. Sometimes she still helps out on set as a makeup artist.

Licious explains that she’s a person “who needs expansion.”

“I am also a very honest person, and what disturbs me the most is unfairness. Unfortunately there is a lot from it in this world,” Licious continues. “I am highly connected to this planet, and all the beings—plants and animals—that are inhabited. I am constantly developing myself and striving to be my own best version.”


When she isn’t working, she likes to connect with nature.

“I love to meditate and do yoga,” Candee says. “I like to cook and bake as well. And I am a big fan of traveling.

“I don't eat meat, rarely chicken, but I am mainly a fish and seafood person. I like to make salads, soups, easy meals. I like sometimes to include new combinations and new ingredients to make variety. What I like to make a lot is pasta with beans and tuna. It’s so simple and tasty.

“My other fav is spaghetti with scampi... with lots of tomatoes.”

Candee reveals her favorite travel destinations are Corsica, an island in France, and Lake Garda in northern Italy.

Until now I find these the most beautiful and romantic,” Licious tells AVN. “I love water and sea. I feel deeply connected to big waters. I also liked Norway a lot. It's very different climate, but super charming and special.”

She wants to come to America in the near future.

“I will try to evolve in my career and strive to collect many more experiences,” Candee says.

Photography by Marcello Bravo