Canadian Series 'Kink' Available on DVD

VANCOUVER - All five seasons of the hit Canadian series Kink are now available on DVD through the website

The series was created by Paperny Films, an award-winning film and television production company. The show aired on Canada's Showcase network.

Through the five seasons and 63 episodes, Kink introduced fans to everyday people exploring alternative sexuality.

"Unashamedly inviting the cameras into their private lives, they reveal their innermost feelings with extraordinary emotional courage," press releases for the show state. "Each fast-paced episode digs deeper into their stories - their childhoods, their daily routines, the rituals and accoutrements of their sexual practices. Using hand-held digital cameras and available light, Kink takes viewers into the world of dungeons and fetish parties, masters and slaves, tops and bottoms, cross-dressers and the transgendered. For some, pleasure comes through pain, submission means empowerment and abandoning gender leads to freedom. The subjects of Kink reveal themselves as thoughtful, articulate, strong, vulnerable and, above all, accepting of themselves and their desires."

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