Canadian Feature Company Seeks US Distribution

Ra Media Enterprises, a fledgling Canadian company partnered with director Mike South, is looking for American distribution of the two productions they have completed as well as future works.

Mark Nakamura, president of Ra Media Enterprises, told, “We want to make high-end feature movies. Production value is very important to me with compelling scripts. Storylines in adult don’t seem to be compelling enough to keep you watching once the sex ends. What we are trying to do is find a niche where we can keep an audience captive with the storyline and incorporate the sex scenes so that it propels the story forward.”

The company’s South Pole Invasion stars South, Felicia Fox, Destiny St.Clair and Tim Case with Toronto amateur performers and features the ditty “South Pole Boogie." There is a “South Pole Boogie” music video as well.

The company’s second release is an all-girl one, Fallen Angels that stars Fox, St. Clair and four local Toronto female performers with Nakamura describing the editing as like “an MTV music video."

Ra Media Enterprises also just signed performer/feature dancer Jamie Sweet to a one-year multi-picture exclusive contract to their company.

In a statement from Ra spokesman Gabryelle, the company said of Sweet,"She has talents that transcend that of adult feature vids and we definitely are pleased to be able to exploit that. Not only has she shot features for Vivid, New Sensations, and Metro, to name a few, but you can also see her in HBO's award-winning series Cathouse as well as several features from Cinemax."

Distributors can reach Nakamura via email at [email protected]