Canadian Companies Donate Profits From Video to AIAF

Two Canadian adult production companies, Cyber2000 and PSA Productions, today pledged to donate 25 cents from every DVD and video it sells to a fund that will help performers thrown out of work by the current HIV-related shutdown in the XXX industry.

The money will be contributed to the Adult Industry Assistance Fund (AIAF), which was established by adult superstar Jenna Jameson and her husband Jay Grdina.

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Cyber2000 and PSA productions created the popular Pornstar Academie feature that was filmed entirely in Montreal. A company spokesperson noted that one of the stars of Pornstar Academie is a performer who is on the list of actresses quarantined after she had on-camera sex with Darren James, the actor with whom the current HIV outbreak was believed to have originated.

In a letter to Jameson and Grdina, Pornstar Academie spokesperson Andrea F. wrote: “We believe that it is a very noble act on your part to have founded the AIAF, and we applaud your efforts. The unfortunate news of the outbreak in the industry touched us, but especially rang close to home when we heard that three of the girls on the quarantined list were talents from our own city.

"One in particular Patricia Petite was even part of our very own Pornstar Academie. As a sign of support and encouragement to the affected actors in the adult industry, we are proud to contribute to the AIAF.”

An announcement about the donation will be made in Montreal later this week.