Canada's Sex TV Shooting Profile of Don Hollywood; Lawyer/Porner Shopping Around Reality Series

Canada’s Sex TV is in town this week doing a story on lawyer/porn performer Don Hollywood, who, in a related development, is shopping around a proposed reality series on his double life.

“Basically I came across an article about him, and I just thought it’s an interesting thing when you hear about someone who is a criminal defense lawyer who moonlights as a porn star,” said Sex TV producer Cynthia, whose crew was on the set of Hollywood’s latest directorial effort, Justice Your Ass 6 (Hollywood/Hunter Productions), on Tuesday. “And in talking to Don, I thought he was a bit of a character. And I’m always interested in character-driven stories.”

Cynthia said Sex TV is an internationally syndicated TV show that deals with sexuality around the world, “everything from trans-genderism in Thailand to North America’s obsession with breasts to Don Hollywood.”

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Nicki Hunter and Brooke Hunter

Hollywood, who has enjoyed a recent spate of publicity thanks to a profile in the Los Angeles Daily Journal — the nation’s largest legal daily newspaper — that was picked up by the Associated Press and Reuters, said he’s thrilled with Sex TV’s interest.

“If I said anything other than the fact that I love it, I’d be lying,” he told AVN as he directed his wife, Brooke Hunter, and Nicki Hunter in a jail cell body cavity search at Hunter’s Xotic Studios. Hollywood, who naturally plays a lawyer in the production, later joined the pair in jail (Justice Your Ass 6 will street in September).

Cynthia said the Sex TV piece will air in the next several months in various countries, but not the U.S. “I think we’re a bit too racy for the states,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Hollywood said his biography is being written by a Reuter’s reporter and that he has retained a mainstream entertainment agent to shop around a proposed reality series on his exploits as a lawyer who doubles as a porn star.

“For some reason, the fact that I still practice law and that I’m doing porn and that I’m old and ugly, people find that to be fascinating,” he said.

Whether fascinating enough to net a reality series remains to be seen.