Cameron Bay Comes Forward: HIV Result Unconfirmed

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Cameron Bay, a female performer who according to various web sources has come in and out of the industry since as far back as 2010 using names including Ashton, Cameron Lane and Ryder, told AVN late Wednesday that she is the performer who received a possible though unconfirmed HIV-positive test result today, causing the APHSS to call for an industry-wide moratorium on production.

Before her porn career, Bay achieved some small amount of notoriety via a short-lived stint on the first season of VH1's reality TV series Tool Academy in 2009. The show centers around couples who are sent to relationship boot camp in order to save their unions. The season ran for eight episodes, and Bay along with her partner, Clarence, were eliminated in the third episode.

Bay, who is currently represented by Adult Talent Managers LA (ATMLA), said she tested Monday at Cutting Edge Testing (CET) after not having shot any content since July 31 due to an unrelated injury. On Tuesday afternoon, she received a call from CET saying her test was contaminated and another blood sample needed to be drawn. A CET employee then came to her residence to draw the new sample.

This morning, Bay was contacted by the Los Angeles County Department of Health to inquire about her recent sexual contacts, but received no indication that a detection of HIV had occured. Then this afternoon, CET's Dr. Peter Miao called her to inform her that there was a possible HIV detection from her blood sample drawn Tuesday.

Bay stressed that this test result could be a false positive and that no conclusive determination about her status should be made until results are in from confirmatory retests already in progress. CET is conducting another round of testing using the blood sample taken from Bay Tuesday, and results from this round are expected Friday. In addition, she submitted to a fresh test today at Talent Testing Service (TTS). She received her last clean test July 27.

"When I got the call, I was obviously extremely distraught and in disbelief because there's no way that it's possible in my eyes," Bay said. "I don't sleep around, I don't do anything crazy, and I keep track of the people that I've worked with."

She continued, "If it is [positive] I will of course do everything I can to spread awareness and take care of myself and do the things that are necessary or in my power to do. But it is unconfirmed. They're doing more tests, and when I spoke with the doctor, I asked him, 'Is it absolutely, positively HIV?' and he said, 'No, there's a possibility it's not, because there's no such thing as an actual HIV test, they just search for the antibodies that they associate with HIV.'"

Added ATMLA owner Mark Schechter, "I've been with Cameron all afternoon, consoling and working with her in regards to the proper steps that we are taking, which includes notifying all the agencies in LATATA for the purpose of being able to notify all of her points of contact that she's been with, which has really only been a small handful. She hasn't worked that much."

Schechter further noted, "Due to the spreading of [Bay's] name in terms of being potentially the performer that's infected, she does want to have her privacy, but at the same time she's coming forward so that she can notify all the people that have to be notified and do what she has to do even if it comes back as a false positive, which we don't know at this point in time."

In regard to a statement today from Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition (which oversees the APHSS) that the performer in question was not believed to have been infected on an adult set, Schechter said, "At this point in time, it's unknown and unconfirmed that she's even positive, so to say that it happened on set or off set is not an appropriate question at this time."

As to rumors that have circulated about Bay dating a male performer who has worked on the gay side of the industry, Schechter remarked, "I would probably answer for her saying, 'I don't desire to disclose information about my personal life.'"

AVN will provide more information pertaining to this story as it develops.

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