California Exotic Novelties Puts Cards in Clamshells

California Exotic Novelties thinks that their new packaging for adult-themed playing cards will make them harder to shoplift and easier to sell.

"We've been working for quite a while on creating unique packaging for Playing Cards, which is retailer-friendly," explained California Exotic Novelties', Al Bloom. "Prior to this new design, playing cards were relegated to showcases, as the size of the product marked them as potentially high-theft items."

The new playing card packaging comes in the form of a custom-made clamshell, which will enable retailers to effectively display the product, while substantially reducing the risk of theft.

The need for the new packaging was brought to California Exotic Novelties attention by their field representatives that survey adult retailers and from focus groups.

The first two lines of playing cards that will be released with the new clamshell packaging are the Colt Men and Colt Hairy Chested Men cards, followed by the Wicked Superstars cards and Jenna Jameson cards with images from her Wicked videos.