California Exotic Novelties Now Distributing Duracell Batteries

As of April 1, California Exotic Novelties will be the only adult company authorized to distribute Duracell brand batteries. Duracell has never had a distribution partnership within the adult industry before.

Up until now, adult retailers had the option of buying import batteries through their adult distributors or buying brand-name batteries through another distributor or a jobber. By offering Duracell products to their distributors, Cal Exotics expects to be able to offer adult retailers the batteries at competitive prices in line with the Duracell pricing structure.

“Unfortunately, most of the adult stores were buying cheapo batteries,” said Cal Exotics spokesperson Al Bloom. “They took what was available for them from their distributors and that was usually cheap imports. That was a problem with a lot of the toys – the import batteries just didn’t have the power to run them and that led to consumer dissatisfaction.”

California Exotic Novelties has used Duracell brand batteries for years when demonstrating their products, so they are more than comfortable selling the product that they’ve turned to time and time again to help sell their own. In fact, they’ll be promoting Duracell batteries on all of their future packaging.

"We are constantly moving forward," explained Cal Exotics founder and president Susan Colvin. "Whether it's a product design or an innovative marketing approach, our goal is to be the company that sets the level of the bar."