Cali Confidential: 'I Like Adult Play'

Cali Confidential was featured in the current issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

Cali Confidential started performing in 2016. "I got started in porn just to be part of something I was always interested in: filmmaking. I like that I would be able to watch myself perform sexually. I get to share that with people and allow them to watch. It's like adult play, I get to have fun every day doing what I love."

She had been dancing at San Francisco's historic Condor Club, where she met Daisy Ducati, who told her to mention her name at "She gave me a reference and I emailed them. I interviewed and I got booked a couple of months later." Her first scene was for Whipped Ass with Bella Rossi. "It was in The Armory. I was excited. It's always been there and I've always been curious about it."

It was at Kink where she realized the adult industry was where she belonged. "I love performing. I love entertainment. I'm a very sexual individual. I exude sexuality—not purposely, it's just something I have. I didn't know whet it was until I shot with Kink. Then I got it: 'This is what you are here for. This is what you are supposed to be doing.' I started working with Kink as much as I could, then started doing my own stuff too."

Confidential says her best scene so far is for Emerald Triangle Girls with Zoey Monroe and Chanel Preston. ("One of my favorites.") She is currently working as a g/g-only performer, but she could cross over "if I can find people who would work for me, and not exploit me.

I have creative ideas that I would love to bring to life. They're phenomenal. I know everybody says that,” she says with a laugh. “I'll do them myself if I have to."

She'd like to shoot her first boy/girl with Johnny and Kissa Sins: "I like that they're so open with their sexuality and they can just have fun. To see two people who genuinely love each other and understand that they can still work and have an understanding. It's a beautiful thing. I like the quality of their work. It's something I've wanted to do since I saw them. If I want to do a boy, I want a hot girl there, so why not do a couple?"

She loves photographing nature. "Flowers. The sky. I haven’t gone places, but I go in my community and I'm taking shots. They come out amazing, actually. I have my camera with me, always. Most photographers say if you have your camera, you have a better chance of taking the picture. You can use your phone, but it's not the same."

"I really love doing porn. To wake up every day and be able to do what I love doing and not feel ashamed. Who's going to tell me that I can't express myself this way? Nobody. They can try, but I. Don't. Care." Her words to live by come from D.H. Lawrence: "I never see a wild thing sorry for itself."

Follow her on Instagram: cali_confidential_.

Photo above by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick at one of AVN's monthly Talent Nights.