Cal Vista/Metro Re-Releases <i>Les Vampyres 1 & 2</i> in Collector's Set

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Cal Vista/Metro has reissued director James Avalon’s Les Vampyres and Les Vampyres 2 in a unique, stylish boxed set. The slim, handsomely designed package includes both AVN Award-winning movies, a disc full of extras and the 48-page comic book included with the original release of the first volume.

"The original releases of Les Vampyres and the sequel were instant classics for Metro," said VP Christian Mann. "They were both part of Metro's arsenal of big-budget, consistently selling, must-stock titles from Cal Vista and James Avalon.

"We decided to re-release them," Mann continued, "in a special marketing sleeve that encloses the magazine, both the original movies, as well as a third disc with extra bonus features. [It] allows us the room to do what we generally don't get to do with a standard DVD release; it's almost like going back to vinyl and having the room of an entire album cover to have the cover in and of itself be a work of art in its own right."

Aside from the ornate packaging and comic book, the set offers some intriguing extras on its bonus disc, including a digital version of the comic, a featurette called "How to Detect & Kill Vampires" and a "History of Vampires by Nikita Denise."

The set will not be reproduced once the stock is depleted. "This particular set was done specifically to be a limited edition collector's set," Mann said.

To order the Les Vampyres 1 & 2 Collector's Edition, contact Justin Rich at (401) 461-2200 ext. 123 or [email protected].