Cal/OSHA Opens Investigation into

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Times reported today that the California agency that oversees workplace safety has opened an investigation into the July 31 shoot at which adult actress Cameron Bay performed before testing positive for HIV.

According to the Times, “Cal/OSHA opened the investigation Thursday into San Francisco-based Kink Studios which runs a network of fetish sites—in response to a complaint filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, agency spokesman Greg Siggins said.

“Adult-film production came to a halt,” it continued, “after the actress, who works under the screen name Cameron Bay, tested positive for HIV in one of the regular sexually transmitted disease screenings required in the industry.”

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed with CAL/OSHA on Monday by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). As the article notes, “Bay had tested negative four days before that shoot.”

OSHA workers responded to the complaint immediately, according to owner Peter Acworth, who said in a statement that inspectors were sent to the San Francisco Armory, where is located, on Tuesday.

“The complaint was not based on any actual issues from that shoot, but was filed by the AHF as part of their larger objection to the industry in general,” Acworth is quoted as saying. "Regardless, performer safety is not an issue to be taken lightly, and we were happy to take Cal/OSHA into the Armory and discuss our safety protocols, which are some of the most stringent in the industry.”

The Times also quoted AHF spokesperson Ged Kenslea as saying of the July 31 shoot at Kink, "The activities that were depicted were dangerous, and there was no condom use,” but he stopped short of claiming that Bay either “contracted or exposed other people to HIV during the shoot.”

The Times noted, “OSHA can impose fines of up to $70,000 for workplace safety and health violations and in some cases can seek criminal penalties.”

Image: owner Peter Acworth standing in front of the San Francisco Armory.