Cal/OSHA Investigates Hustler Video Based on AHF Complaint

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—In reaction to a recent complaint filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), Cal/OSHA has opened an investigation into Hustler Video and today attempted to conduct an inspection at the company’s production facilities, but instead went to the Wilshire Boulevard offices. Inspectors were given the address to the Hustler production facilities in the San Fernando Valley, but as of this afternoon had failed to show up at them.

On Aug. 26, AHF held a demonstration outside the Flynt Building in Beverly Hills to announce in dramatic fashion the official complaint they were filing with Cal/OSHA about safety practices they said were being violated in adult movies produced and distributed by Hustler Video.

A Cal/OSHA spokesperson, Krisann Chasarik, confirmed the inspection and the fact that it was done in response to the AHF complaint, but could not tell AVN exactly what sort of inspection was being undertaken.

“We have opened an investigation into Hustler Video, and it is after we looked into a complaint by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. We are doing an inspection, but I can’t tell you anything about it until it’s over. But we did receive a complaint, and we are looking into those claims that the blood-borne pathogen standard was being violated.”

When asked why, if the complaint from AHF was about issues having to do with on-set activities, inspectors had gone to the LFP offices, Chasarik said she could not even confirm the location of the inspection.

“They could be speaking with those employers,” Chasarik offered. “We might just be speaking with people there.”

However, AVN has learned that Cal/OSHA inspectors showed up at the Wilshire Boulevard building, apparently unaware that no production sets are located there. They were subsequently given the correct address of Hustler's production facilities, but as of post time had failed to show up at them.

Coincidentally—or not—the attempted inspection took place on the same day as a Cal/OSHA medical subcommittee meeting at the Cal/OSHA headquarters in Oakland to discuss blood-borne pathogen regulation and protocols for adult industry sets. The details of that meeting will be covered by AVN Legal Editor Mark Kernes, who is in attendance.

A call to LFP counsel Paul Cambria, who is also at the Cal/OSHA meeting, has not yet been returned.