Buttman Magazine Choice Holds Hot Summer DVD Sale

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Evil Angel's Buttman Magazine Choice DVD label is now offering big discounts to distributors in its summer sale.

"We included six titles from Jazz Duro's AVN award-winning Ass Jazz series as well as titles from Asses of Face Destruction, our facesitting series from Roman Video," said company rep Lissa Baren. "Specialty titles like this are usually not discounted as the consumers will pay top dollar. This is a chance for our distributors to sell more units and make some extra money... nothing wrong with that to close out the summer."

Buttman Magazine Choice offers a sale only once a year. The offer ends Sept. 2.

If your distributor does not carry Buttman Magazine Choice DVDs, contact Lissa Baren at 800-429-6435 ext 214 or email [email protected]