'Bust-Ed' Exhibit Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

SAN FRANCISCO - Bondage model Madison Young has teamed with lesbian porn studio Abigail Productions to present "Bust-Ed," an art exhibit designed to raise breast cancer awareness.

The show runs Oct. 9 - 26 at the Femina Potens Art Gallery and features works by Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Madison Young, Jennifer Clary, Laura Drugal, Mary Ellen Scherel, and Talia Green.

"I've watched as my friends and family members have battled breast cancer," said Young, the curator and founder of Femina Potens. "Breast cancer awareness and early detection are a crucial issue in women's health and affect us all.  Bringing together a body of artists who are all creating art around visibility of breast cancer, survival, strength, and unity within our community allows us to dialogue and take action around this disease."

An opening reception will be held Oct. 9 from 7 - 10 p.m.

Femina Potens is located at 2199 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.

For more information, visit FeminaPotens.org.