BurningAngel Continues Zombie Love With 'Walking Dead' Parody

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Following in its longstanding tradition of combining flesh-clawing sex with flesh-eating zombies, BurningAngel Entertainment has released its most elaborate zombie-porn production yet, The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody, co-directed by company head Joanna Angel and the Johnny Depp to her Helena Bonham Carter, Tommy Pistol.

Along with Angel and Pistol as leading couple Lori and Rick Grimes, the parody stars Skin Diamond, Kleio Valentine, Sierra Cure, Jessie Lee, Tommy Gunn, Danny Wylde, Wolf Hudson and Owen Gray. Distributed through Wicked Pictures, this follows BA's AAAAA AVN Editor's Choice Evil Head, and coincides with the DVD release of the mainstream remake of that parody's inspiration source, the zombie classic Evil Dead.

"We have always been drawn to re-creating the smaller budget cult classic horror movies," said Angel, whose other efforts in the genre have included Re-Penetrator, The XXXorcist and 2011 AVN Best Web Priemere Dong of the Dead. "This was a much bigger undertaking because Walking Dead is on a much bigger scale production-wise. It was intimidating at first, and it sure required 10 times the amount of zombies we are used to casting, but Tommy and I along with our amazing crew tackled the job quite well, with a ton of gore, a ton of sex, and lots of laughs in between."

Added Pistol, "Making The Walking Dead XXX was simply amazing. Writing/directing alongside Joanna shows off what 10 years of professionalism and friendship leads to. [It] delivers on all aspects of moviemaking."

Angel praised Pistol's directorial chops, which he's honed with such opuses as the straight horror picture The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol. "Tommy had an amazing knack for choreographing all the fight scenes and he made sure every zombie died a gruesome death!" she said. "We truly are a dream team in front of and behind the camera and I think all zombie fans, and BurningAngel fans, will be quite pleased with the outcome."

Fans of the source material should be most satisfied as well, Angel assured. "Tommy is a huge fan of the show and as a result he imitated Rick's character perfectly, and made sure all the other characters embodied the nuances they needed to have in order to keep everything in line with both the comic and the cable series."   

The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody is available now at online and brick-and-mortar retail outlets everywhere.

Pictured: Skin Diamond.