Burning Question: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

MojoHost has many New Year’s resolutions for 2010. Perhaps the most surprising is our initiative to “go green” in the data center. No, we can’t plant trees there … but hosting providers can do much to reduce their carbon and energy footprint! We aim to achieve significant gains in energy efficiency by using a variety of new technology in all areas, including virtualization, storage, networking, etc. Simply put, a concerted effort is being made to become highly efficient and do more using less. This will decrease our footprint and increase our output and opportunity. Competitor hosts tend to stay away from large capital reinvestment in their existing customer infrastructure. At MojoHost, we are always seeking ways to serve our existing customers better.
Brad Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, MojoHost

For 2010, myself, the entire njoy crew, and our trusted research associates resolve to continue to expand the limits of sexual exploration and pleasure by discovering a new orifice.
Greg DeLong, Founder, njoy

My resolution for 2010 is to prove that my “Best New Video Production Company” AVN Award nomination wasn’t a typo.
Marie Madison, “The Franchise,” Maddy G Productions

I vow to pay all of my parking tickets when I get them, answer email promptly, stay on top of my Facebook entries, help continue to increase knowledge of the products that I sell, become more famous by letting women know that “It’s OK to love sex,” and, most importantly, to remain in good health, because without your health, everything else is moot.
Kim Airs, Resident Sexpert, Pipedream Products

To trim production costs but keep quality up in order to stay in the business in this competitive environment. Also, to expand my business into non-porn markets.
Collin O’Neal, CEO, World of Men

My resolutions are few and simple. First, I want to listen more. Second, I want to listen better.
And I want to get some more sleep.
Dennis Paradise, President, Paradise Marketing

California Exotic Novelties’ resolution for 2010 follows a theme that has prevailed throughout our 16-year history: to continue producing high-quality, reliable, cutting-edge pleasure products that are affordable and available on a large-scale basis!
Al Bloom, Director of Marketing, California Exotic Novelties

We at Le Dame Footwear (“High fashion. Large sizes.”) are committed to bring sexy and fashionable shoes to our “girls.” We have two patterns that we think are especially hot and look forward to introducing them in Las Vegas in April at the ILS. Keep your eye out for Simone and Raven.
Bernie J. Fatla, Owner/President, Le Dame Footwear

Although 2010 is already ramping up to be quite busy for Sliquid and LoveHoney USA, personally, I will make an effort to spend more time with my kids (ages 3 and 1).
As for business, we are still committed to becoming even greener and more sustainable, by using great, local raw materials and smaller and better packaging.
We have just purchased a great new building downtown and have been fitting it out with some earth-friendly features: low-flow toilets, low-energy lighting, soy-based stains and utilizing natural lighting by installing skylights. We are also looking into installing solar panels—plenty of sun in Texas!
Dean Elliott, President, Sliquid

Lucas Entertainment will push the boundaries of sex and porn even further with our releases in 2010. In addition to shooting at home in New York City, we’ll continue our search for the world’s hottest men and sexiest locations, and expand our international productions to include a number of undiscovered treasures. We’re also relaunching our membership site, LucasEntertainment.com, in January, and the new site will put our company at the forefront of smut and technology. There will be many brand-new features, including exclusive content for mobile users.
Michael Lucas, President/CEO, Lucas Entertainment

My New Year’s resolution is to get Rachel Starr and Priya Rai in a Josh Stone production.
Josh Stone, Producer, Josh Stone Productions/ Justin Slayer International

My New Year’s resolution: To remember what’s truly important in life and spend more time with my family. I also plan to focus our company on working smarter and more efficiently. Work on giving the best customer service we possibly can, which in many cases is what sets any company apart from its competition. Get on the Today show and introduce our new product, The Elator, to the world.
Mark Schneider, Vice President, Videotel and The Elator

The harsh economy affected everyone in 2009, and while we were still profitable we had to make sure that we treaded cautiously to keep in line with what the market could handle. But for 2010, we see it as an opportunity to grow existing businesses that have weathered the storm and continue to be fruitful. And at the same time we have plans to launch a number of new business lines that we had been planning and working on in 2009.
We always follow the philosophy at Hustler that you need to continue to strive to move forward and not just be complacent with your current revenue stream, and we have a lot of exciting plans and expansions to announce this year that will hopefully do that. And we will continue to explore new areas, especially in the field of technology, since that continues to be the avenue for the greatest potential for revenue growth. Our resolution is to go into the year with a strong, growth-minded perspective and to continue to explore new areas of business.
And on the personal resolution side, being a good husband, since I just got married in December 2009—so I need to make sure that I start that off on the right foot.
Michael H. Klein, President, Hustler

The RUFF Doggie Styles resolution for the coming year is to officially designate 2010 as the Year of the Pup! We want you to touch it … feel it … smell it … enjoy it … have fun and do it the RUFF way!
Pamela McKee, National Sales Manager, Ruff Doggie Styles

My New Year’s resolutions for 2010:
1. To strengthen my relationships with all the people I interact with. I love when people remember me and I am sure people love when I remember them, so it’s a good time to create solid relationship with people you can depend on.
2. Take my game to the next level. Set my bar high, leap over it and then set it higher.
3. Spend more time with my gorgeous wife. Brazilians need attention, and that is something that was overlooked this past year. Thank goodness she loves me!
4. Help others to become successful. My new company has treated me so well when I came aboard and I want to do my very best to help them become as successful as they can be.
5. Educate myself. This industry is evolving so much and it has been one big classroom. I look forward to educating myself further in the sex-positive world that has been a big part of the two companies I have been a part of in the industry.
6) Stay healthy. We travel so much in this business that sometimes we put our health last. 2010 will be a year to get healthier (after the show in Vegas, though!)
7) Stay humble. There are so many rock stars in our business, and I have found that the best are humble about their abilities and achievements. This is how I want to mature in this industry.
Shaye Saldana, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Carnal Nation

Wear a smile every day.
Suki Dunham, Founder, OhMiBod

My resolution is not to get bogged down by the negative impact of the economy, but rather to see and take advantage of the opportunities that lie in the challenges ahead.
Diane Duke, Executive Director, Free Speech Coalition

My 2010 resolution is to be really focused on health, wealth and knowledge of self. “Winners find ways to make things work. Losers find excuses for why things don’t work.”
Marie Luv, Director, Marie Luv Entertainment/Justin Slayer International

My resolution for 2010 is to be more grateful than ever for what I have—not what I don’t have. With the challenged economy, hyper competition and overall ability to work harder than ever to be profitable, I am just blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of a exceptional team and live a decent quality of life. A little slice of “humble pie” never hurt anyone!
ASP Albert, President, AdultStarProfits.com

My New Year’s resolution for 2010 will be all about being positive. I’ve learned that nothing is as bad as it seems. 2009 was a wake-up call about how much we had been wasting—not only in the monetary sense, but also in regard to what we thought was important while it wasn’t at all. As they say, “Don’t sweat the small things!” This will be my mantra for 2010! Think positive and put out what you expect in return!
John B. Rutherford, President/Creative Director, COLT Studio Group

My New Year’s resolution is to keep diversifying and launch six new programs under the CEcash brand by the end of the new year.
Ardy, Marketing Director, CEcash

I will fulfill my New Year’s business resolution, to help and serve our growing customer base, by continuing to bring them smarter solutions and better value through our multiple banking relationships, strategic office locations and multitalented support teams worldwide.
Bjorn Skarlen, CEO, Commercegate.com

Every year I say I’m going to exercise more, but I haven’t even been able to get up to once a week, so I guess I’ll try my hand at bettering my Spanish.
Jenni Dahling, Market Penetration Specialist, PR Kitty

My resolution is to bring more positive awareness to the world about gender, sexuality and my work in the adult entertainment industry. I think 2010 is going to be a year for big interest in people like me!
Buck Angel®, Nominated, 2009 AVN Awards, Transsexual Performer of the Year
Winner, 2007 AVN Awards, Transsexual Performer of the Year

More MOBILE for the world! Preparing to be Number 1! Also, more deals between Europe and the U.S.—and what’s somehow most important: HEALTHFULNESS and LOVE.
Christoph H. Hermes, CEO, Pink Adventure AGe

2010 is a special year for Lover’s Choice, as we celebrate our company’s second successful decade in business. The team at Lover’s Choice has this resolution: A commitment to develop the best intimate lifestyle products to meet and exceed the needs of our customers and, ultimately, to enhance the romance and passion in couples’ lives. At Lover’s Choice our motto every day is: Love to Live. Live to Love.
Randall Hughes, President/CEO, Lover’s Choice

To not let pirates that win awards at adult industry conventions off with a free ride; to heckle them loudly at said award shows, making them, their presenters and the voting bodies themselves so embarrassed at my outbursts (and those of my valued associates in our industry) that they will think twice about ever being considered for an award in any category again.
David Sutton, President, VCX

I am making it my goal this year to try to get all of us [in the gay adult industry] to work together. We seem to waste so much energy and effort fighting each other, as companies, when if all we did was agree to be up front and honest with each other, we would all benefit financially.
That’s my burning answer and desire (but the doctor says the burning will go away … hahahahaha).
Howard Andrew, President (Head Babysitter and Mom), FabScout.com
For me, 2010 will be all about helping the adult internet catch back up to the mainstream internet. We all know the story of how we used to be innovators, how we used to lead the way for mainstream to follow, but I’m afraid that hasn’t been the case for some time now. We learned in 2009 that we can’t get by with half measures; the adult internet industry needs to obtain a much better picture of what motivates our customers, and how we can increase the number of people who become regular, recurring customers of premium adult entertainment. That means looking at existing technology and taking it to new places that work especially well for adult consumers. It means making a science of adult internet analytics. It means taking business to a whole new level, and putting in that extra effort to stay at the top of our game.
We’re not just competing with pirates and each other anymore; we’re also competing with anyone who takes customers away from adult entertainment. That means Facebook, YouTube, fantasy sports sites, mainstream dating sites, scores of blogs and mainstream news sites, etc. They’re all looking for ways to get the attention of surfers and then keep that attention despite a sea of digital distractions—we need to be more effective at doing that same thing ourselves. So for me, 2010 isn’t about living like a rock star or flashing the most cash, it’s about responding to the hard lessons of 2009 and coming out better for the experience.”
Connor Young, President, Ynot