Burning Angel Proclaims That <i>Big Boobs Are Cool</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Today marks the debut of BurningAngel Entertainment's newest anthropological docu-treatise, Big Boobs Are Cool.

"It is a good movie for people who have a passion for boobs and things that are cool," BurningAngel owner Joanna Angel told AVN. "This is Mitch Fontaine's directorial debut. He was a BA employee who always wanted to direct a movie. People pitch movies to me all the time, and I usually don't listen. Mitch's 'cool boob' concept, however, blew me away.

"Most guys just stare at girls' boobs," Angel said. "Mitch actually takes the time to listen to what boobs have to say. That's why I gave him a shot at directing a movie for me. He has a passion for boobs like no one else I've ever met in my life."

Yes, boobs do get their time on the proverbial pedestal in Big Boobs Are Cool ... and not just the boobs belonging to its performers, either.

"The movie features interviews with lots of different boobs, and just the boobs," Angel explained. "We left out the faces of lots of different people: friends, makeup artists and anyone else on set that were willing to show their boobs (or at least their boobs in a bra). These boob interviews cover a variety of philosophical and political topics."

Commented Fontaine, "I have always been a fan of BurningAngel Entertainment's work. I was really happy Joanna gave me the chance to make this movie. This is for the boob aficionado."

And just why are big boobs cooler than all other boobs? "They are good pillows," Angel said. "And they are easier to get free drinks with at the bar."

Big Boobs Are Cool stars Joanna Angel, Ariel Alexus, Adrianna Nicole and Emily George, with music provided by New Jersey band Fortunado. To order, call Pulse Distribution at (866) 466-6969.