Burning Angel Previews 'Strip for Pain' at Backseat Film Festival

The 2007 Backseat Film Festival will host a preview of Burning Angel's television pilot "Strip For Pain" tonight as part of the festival's opening ceremonies.

A live performance of the concept will close the festival on Sunday, April 1.

Speaking to AVN.com by telephone, Burning Angel head Joanna Angel explained the show's premise. "I'm not going to be at the event this weekend," she emphasized, "but it's a Burning Angel event. We've done a lot of parties and events and stuff like that. People would hire us and ask, 'Do you do burlesque or anything?' So Doug [Sakmann], who's done a lot of stuff for my company, came up with the idea of 'Strip For Pain.'"

Angel explained the concept. "Essentially, it's just a little game show we do. We've done it at a bunch of clubs and bars, usually at 3 in the morning, and we inflict pain on these guys. The more pain they take, the more clothes our girls take off. A while ago we shot a TV pilot of the game, thinking it would be a really good as an actual game show on TV. There's only so much we can do when it's live, because it's usually only a 15-minute thing."

As for the preview of the "Strip For Pain" pilot at the Backseat Film Festival, Angel said, "We're just trying to create some buzz about it. Maybe some TV channel will pick up the pilot."

Will she be crushed if the pilot fails to generate interest in the cutthroat world of television programming? "If no one does, that's fine," said Angel. "We'll continue to do it at random places."

And that is, as the kids say, show-biz.

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