Brooke Haven Appears in National Lampoon's <i>Pledge This!</i>

Adult starlet Brooke Haven (Anal Sex Movie, Top Heavy Anal Club) makes her first mainstream movie appearance in the much delayed release of the Paris Hilton star vehicle National Lampoon's Pledge This!  The comedy, which was originally produced in 2004 and marked Hilton's big screen acting debut, follows a socially awkward group of coeds as they pledge sororities at South Beach University.

"It was a lot of fun," recalled Haven, who was cast as a free-loving topless sorority sister. "The girls open the door and we're wearing nothing but leaves. We're throwing leaves up in the air and it's all about love—and we start kissing!"

The film's initial release was stalled when producers decided to shoot an unrated version of the raunchy comedy for DVD. "It's taken a long time to come out," noted Haven, who shot her scene in 2005 "I kept my appearance under wraps for the simple fact that I know sometimes there's a chance that, when you shoot for something, they could possibly cut the part out completely. I'm very excited that it's now available on Blockbuster shelves!"

Haven looks forward to doing more mainstream projects in the near future. Is she worried that people will typecast her as the "hot chick?"

"I certainly hope so," she laughed.

National Lampoon's Pledge This!  is available now.

Haven will be feature dancing at the Appaloosa Gentlemen's Club in Colorado Springs from March 22 - 24.