Brittany Andrews Nabs 3 Awards At New York Film Festival

NEW YORK CITY—Adult film legend and AVN Hall of Fame inductee Brittany Andrews has received three mainstream film awards at the New York International Independent Film Festival. Andrews had several mainstream projects screened during the week-long festival which took place in Manhattan in May. The three films that were honored were:

Blindfold—Audience Award

My Real Porn Life—Best Reality Short

These Showers Can Talk—Best Supporting Actress: Brittany Andrews

This makes a grand total of 12 awards so far that Miss Andrews mainstream film projects have won since branching out from the adult industry to focus on mainstream film and television producing a couple years ago. Her reality television pilot True Cougar Life (produced and hosted by Miss Andrews) also screened at the event and got great feedback from the sold-out audience.

"I'm very excited!" Andrews exclaimed. "The continued success and recognition of my recent film and television work feels validating. Being a female producer in a very male-dominated industry I am hoping these awards will help encourage other women to be inspired to reach for their goals. If I can do it—they can too!"

Blindfold is a serious 9/11-themed short film shot on location in New York City and was written and directed by Teace Snyder. The film focuses on the strained relationship between a widowed father and his 10-year-old daughter after the young girl is subpoenaed for giving a controversial presentation about 9/11 to her class. The father must then confront both of their feelings about their family loss in the attack.

"Teace and I had worked on a few earlier projects together," said Andrews. "He is a very creative and focused director with a definite vision. We both are very passionate about the 9/11 theme and to film this project here in New York brought up a lot of strong emotions that we were able to capture on screen."

Counteracting the dramatic theme of Blindfold, Andrews' other winning project My Real Porn Life focuses on the fast-paced, fun and sexy day-to-day life of Andrews herself. Cameras document her daily adventures which include her journeys from New York to LA, living a bi-coastal life and revealing to viewers that underneath the glam and glitter is a modern-day superwoman!

The lesbian-themed These Showers Can Talk has become popular since its premiere on the festival circuit last year.

"That film was very exciting for me to be a part of not only to nurture the creative process from inception to filming, but it also was the first mainstream project where I appeared in front of the cameras as an actress," Andrews explained.

"I consider myself a producer/director first and foremost," she continued, "so winning the Best Supporting Actress award was surprising to me since I did the role just for fun. I previously had been nominated and have won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards in adult films so to get acknowledged as an actress doing a non-sexual role in a mainstream film is a little tongue-in-cheek for me but I am still delighted!. "

The New York International Independent Film Festival will hold a red carpet award ceremony in Los Angeles on July 21st which will kick off the festival. The festival runs July 21st to July 28th. Venues to be announced shortly on the film festival website which can be found here.

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