Brittany Andrews Featured in Time Out New York

LOS ANGELES—Adult star Brittany Andrews is featured in an extensive interview and photo spread in the Aug. 5 edition of Time Out New York magazine. Andrews recently returned to performing after three years spent in New York working toward a film degree.

The 16-year adult biz veteran is billed as a “porn star, dominatrix, filmmaker and web entrepreneur” in the piece. Andrews, who owns numerous websites and a production company, returned to performing to play Samantha in New Sensations parody of Sex in the City.

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The interview traces Andrews’ history in adult entertainment back from when she started stripping at 18 in Milwaukee. After discovering that there was more money in feature dancing she then jumped into shooting adult movies.

Andrews also was asked about her thoughts on the adult industry exploiting those who don’t make smart decisions.

“I think that there is a lot of exploitation within the business, and primarily it just comes from girls being really young,” Andrews said. “They haven’t sat down and decided ‘what am I comfortable with? What am I not comfortable with?’ You have to plan and time things correctly so you have a long career. You don’t want to do everything in the beginning and have nothing else to give. I just did my first anal scene. You’ve got to keep things back, time it right and do PR around it.”

The piece goes on to address Andrews’ views on safe sex, including the use of condoms during her sex scenes.

“I’m a hard-core safe-sex person,” Andrews said. “I almost didn’t get my role in Sex and the City because I said I’m condoms-only. The director said I was the first actress to ever ask him to use a condom, but that’s my soapbox and I stand on it. I’ve gone through so many different AIDS scares and know so many people who’ve gotten this and that. I have sex with a condom, I’m tested every 28 days, and I don’t do facial come shots either. All the come goes on my boobies. It’s about as safe as it can possibly get.”

So how long with the AVN Hall of Fame member keep performing?

“An amazing thing has happened since I’ve become an old bitch: This whole MILF and cougar thing has become huge,” she said. “I’ll stop when I feel like stopping, and that’s why I retired the last time. I guess it really depends on how long my ass stays in shape.”