Brittany Andrews Caught in Middle of Japan Earthquake

TOKYO—As the incalculable damage from Japan’s 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami continues to unfold, one of adult entertainment’s legends is stuck in the middle of the catastrophe. Adult superstar Brittany Andrews, who was traveling in the country and has extended family members who live there, was in her Tokyo hotel when the quake hit at 2.46 p.m. local time.

[UPDATE -1 p.m. PST - Andrews just contacted AVN to let us know she is okay, still experiencing aftershocks and is determined to get to a safer place. She also said she will be updating her Twitter account, available below.]

Even though AVN has yet to speak with Andrews, who is uninjured though deeply shaken, a series of entries she was able to post to her Facebook account relate the horror of what she and other hotel guests went through as they tried to figure out what to do in the aftermath of the initial quake and the many aftershocks that followed. According to the Associated Press, “The magnitude-8.9 offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot (seven-meter) tsunami and was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.”

The actual time these posts were made is a little difficult to ascertain, but some give an idea relative to when the quake hit, though being in the middle of the disaster, Andrews’ timelines could easily be off. The chronological order of the posts is correct, though, and provide a harrowing account of her ordeal as the disaster continues to unfold.

4 p.m. Tokyo time (when someone asked if she was coming back): ALL airports are closed and some no longer exist....

6 p.m. (From her assistant, Chris): she said hotel was on fire - very scary. She's out of hotel for now. She's ok - was very scary and she was trapped for a while. Her phone battery is low so not sure how many updates I'll get

 6 p.m.: Yes Thank U Chris everyone else was calling family and saying there goodbyes as we all thought we were done.. I was BBMing U!!!!! (Blackberry messaging)

8 p.m. I am finally back in my room. Worst earthquake I’ve ever been in. My hotel was on fire. I was jammed in the stairway for 2 hours with everyone screaming panicking praying. It was like sardines. Jammed. It was awful. It’s been 6 hours of hell. No English had no idea what was going on.

8 p.m.:  I had to walk down over 100 Flights of stairs...

8 p.m.: I thought I was a goner....

8 p.m.: I have a few people in my room as people are stranded everywhere...

8 p.m.: I got on 1st elevator that was working to come back to the scene i.e. my room...

8 p.m.: It was like 110 degrees in hallway packed of people. It’s been 6 hours of hell. Aftershock after aftershock. I was very scared for my life. Fire on 2 floors. I’m still shaking and there are still aftershocks... All Airports closed.

9 p.m.: I’m guessing 1000s of people dead

1 a.m.: Can't Believe Massive Aftershocks 7 fucking hours later. Last one has me worried!!

3:30 a.m.: I finally decide to sleep for 2 hours and wake up to another Earthquake. 6.6 I heard. This sucks.

As is apparent from these posts, the last of which was made a little over 15 minutes before this story was published, Brittany Andrews remains stuck in the middle of one of the greatest natural disasters in recent memory, the ultimate damage from which in terms of lives and property will not be determined for days or weeks to come. Indeed, as the last post made clear, real dangers continue to exist. AVN will stay on top of these posts from Andrews and report on them in periodic updates, and will attempt to communicate with her as soon as possible.


We just received an email from Brittany, who is working on only a few hours sleep. As is clear from the following comments, the danger is not over.

"Shaking so bad - just took shower and bad aftershock or earthquake happened. I am also updating on my twitter too

"Wooo not good shower

"Sorry I'm a tad out of it here

My twitter is

"People can follow me there for updates

"Working on getting the hell out of here

"I super appreciate all the support from you, AVN and all the fans.

"As I'm alone over here

"But with everyones posts of support I don't feel as alone :)"

For a list of organizations that mobilize relief efforts, click here.