Britney Rears Gets 'Insider' Treatment

LOS ANGELES — CBS Television's 'The Insider' will air a segment on the X-Play/Hustler Video series Britney Rears on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The show will feature an interview with Britney Rears 4 star Hillary Scott as a tie-in with recent tabloid headlines about singer Britney Spears.

"With all these Britney Spears meltdowns, it left the stage set for a story on our Britney Rears series," X-Play co-owner Jeff Mullen told AVN. "People are dying to get anything about Britney Spears, and we just so happen to get a little bit of love from 'The Insider' for Britney Rears because we're in the right place at the right time. here have been false rumors about a Britney Spears porno that's about to come forward, but if people are looking for the Britney Spears porno, they've got it with Britney Rears."

According to Mullen, 'Insider' producers ran into problems over the title of the porn spoof. "They were dealing with their attorneys today, and they're not sure they can say it, so they might have to say 'the porno series Britney blank, that rhymes with Spears,'" he said. "It's ridiculous, but that's the only sticking point."

The broadcast follows several 'Insider' segments about Not the Bradys XXX, which was produced and distributed by the same team. Last Friday's broadcast featured a clip of 'Brady Bunch' star Florence Henderson commenting on the porno parody.

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