Britney Foster Gets Metro-politan

Busty blonde Britney Foster inked an exclusive deal with Metro Studio last week to direct and perform.

"Britney is going to bring the all-girl, all-anal line to light, which very few are attempting to do out there," says Metro Production Manager Joey Wilson. "Were walking away from testosterone and going more for estrogen. Shes going to show what true female anal sex is all about."

"I'd been talking to them about a girl/girl thing," the 24-year-old blue eyed gal tells "I'll probably direct four movies a year and perform too, but girl/girl only."

Foster made her directorial debut for Metro helming the boy/girl Teens in Toyland, which got the ball rolling for towards her contract.

"I directed my movie for them and pitched my idea. They liked it and said let's do it. It's funny because Teens in Toyland is completely different from where I want to go with my directing. It got my feet wet but now I know exactly what I want to do."

And what exactly does she want to do?

"I'm going to start with a gonzo series titled Britney Foster's Disturbed.It's going to have a fetish look to it and be hardcore. The g/g's that I've seen only get hardcore to a certain extent. So I'm just going to try to take it to the next level.

"It's pretty hard the make the new and exciting g/g videos but I have some ideas. There's going to be fisting, double anal, double vag. All-girl but extremely hardcore."

Foster will still perform in front of the camera, but it is directing that really has her excited. Yet for all her enthusiasm, she is still extra cautious.

"I'm very excited and hope it works out," says Foster. "I shoot on June 11th and 12th, but I refuse to shoot on Friday the 13th. I'm taking that day off. I'm not going to jinx myself."