British MPs Try to Prevent Girls Gone Wild Invasion

UNITED KINGDOM—A group of English lawmakers is trying to kill the Girls Gone Wild baby in its cot, so to speak. A bus tour by the party hearty, boob-worshiping producers is being planned and, according to local media, scouts for the company are looking for suitable cities throughout the land in which to film. That has raised the hackles of some politicians.

“MPs across Wearside and County Durham have voiced fears about the Girls Gone Wild Show, which could be making a visit to the region,” reported “The adult channel bus has caused controversy in the U.S, where it has approached drunk young women and asked them to perform sex acts on camera. It is due to launch in the UK in coming weeks, leading the North East MPs to urge the Home Office to step in and ban the visits around British towns and cities.”

The point of the attempted ban seems to be to protect the country’s young women from exploitation at the hands of GGW/Manta Films founder Joe Francis, a concern that was actually included the parliamentary motion by the MPs.

“This should be a no-brainer—the man behind this company has admitted charges of creating child pornography to make money, and been found guilty of several other crimes,” said Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson. “He shouldn’t be allowed in the country.

“This isn’t about censorship or prudishness,” she added. “It’s about protecting young women from exploitation. I really hope that the Government will look into how they can make sure that, at the very least, the police keep a close eye on any of these events to ensure the welfare of any women who want to take part and that no crimes are being committed.”

A spokesperson for GGW said the company is looking forward to the tour, but did not address the brewing controversy, adding, “We are really excited about bringing the brand and its road show to the UK and we expect British young men and women to have a fantastic time at the events, which are a really fun celebration of freedom and youthful expression.”