Bright Servers Offer Bright Ideas

Virtual hosting provider Bright Servers is offering a new plan for Webmasters that includes 100GB of bandwidth per month and 4,000MB of disk space. 

Other features included in the plan are unlimited sub-domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, eight MSQL databases, 100 percent uptime guarantee, a 14-day money-back warranty, upgradeable package, multiple domain support, non-cogent bandwidth, and optional free front page extensions. There is also monthly billing with no contract required, no restrictions on content, and no setup fees; all for $25 per month.

“The state the industry is in at the moment is appalling. We wish to change this and help educate new and current Webmasters about hosting ethics,” Matt from Bright Serverstold “This new deal is basically to drum up support and to advertise our name out there, as we are receiving several signups a day.”

So far, Matt said, the reaction from Bright Servers’s customers has been quite positive. “We honestly did not expect it to be this popular, but we are nevertheless coping fine with the constant customer signups. Our number one priority is to the customers, regardless of profit.”

“We have been carefully constructing these packages, and we wish to revolutionize the market, bringing prices down for good,” Matt added. “While maintaining top-notch support and service for our customers, we’re striving to change the industry for the better, by offering several deals which are possibly the cheapest around. We recently finished two deals, one offering 15 cents a gig for virtual hosting, the prior one being 20 cents per gig. Those were very successful.”