Brent Corrigan Live on <I>The Young & the Curious</I>

Brent Corrigan, the performer who allegedly made four XXX movies for Cobra Video while underage, will appear on Jason Sechrest's live Internet sex talk show, The Young & the Curious, on Friday, April 28, at 5:00 p.m. (PT).

Corrigan, as reported here previously, is currently embroiled in legal battles with Cobra which is suing him for, among other things, defrauding them by presenting fake ID. Corrigan will present his case and his story in this first live interview with show host Jason Sechrest.

"I'm as anxious as everyone else for him to break his silence," said Sechrest. "My goal as a journalist, especially with my site, has always been to de-objectify performers and show them for the human beings they are, not just the sex icons they are on screen.

"It makes perfect sense that Brent would bring his story to our audience. He's also an extremely articulate person and a very clever writer, as proven in his online blog."

The audio portion of the live interview can be heard for free on The in-studio cam-action can only be accessed by members of In the live interview, Corrigan will also take questions from fans. The phone number for call-in questions is 1-800-KSEX-RADIO.

In addition to his Young & Curious appearance, Corrigan will write a four-part column chronicling his saga in full for Sechrest's website A new Brent Corrigan X-rated photo gallery will accompany every column. The columns are scheduled to appear each Friday in May.

Brent Corrigan's official websites are and

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