Bree Olson Inks Deal to Be the Face of Verified Call

SAN FRANCISCO—Former adult star Bree Olson has been tapped as the face and voice of Verified Call, a new platform that connects fans via phone to their favorite performers.

Each performer is verified by Verified Call before using the service, so customers can be guaranteed to be speaking with their favorite star. Each girl is given their own unique URL and profile page through Verified Call or they can connect with their fans through their pay sites and various social networking platforms.

"I'm very fortunate to be involved in certain projects, and Verified Call is one of them," Olson told AVN. "I thought the service was such a great idea and very high quality so I was comfortable signing on. Verified Call has such a friendly user interface and is so simple to use. Girls can use the service right from their iPhone on the go in the car, in the office, on set when there's downtime. It's a very classy interface and not porny, so I think it'll attract great customers."

When a customer calls the girl, the system lets her known someone wants to talk and for how long. When she accepts the call, she and the fan are connected through a secure router. If the girl isn't online, the customer has the option of going to the girl's personal page to put in their number for a call back when the girl is online and available.

The girls put themselves online when they want and run their account through an easy-to-use dashboard, which tells them how much they have made for the month and more.

One bonus to Verified Call is that the stars who sign up receive 100 percent of what they charge, and they set their own rates. A surcharge/processing fee that the company keeps is added on top of the per-minute charge set by the star. Verified Call is a pay-per-call service and there are no monthly membership fees or hidden charges.

In addition to being the face for the company, Olson provided Verified Call with valuable input in the backend development.

"Bree is one of the most recognizable adult performers and now big in mainstream circles too, so we wanted to tap into her intelligence as we built this out," Verified Call president Kurt Vogner told AVN. "In addition to being beautiful and a great spokesperson, we wanted to have someone who is actually going to use the service and get input on certain features. Bree really fills an advisory role; she sat with our engineers."

For Olson, partnering with the service represents a step to building even closer relationships to her fans. Her Verified Call profile went live today.

"I'm really an open book and I love talking to people about anything," Olson said. "I feel comfortable talking to anyone, so I'm really going to make new connections. Verified Call is taking connection to the next level."

Other stars who have signed up for the service include Julie Cash, Kiki D'Aire, Kaz B, Dee Siren, Hope (aka Little Miss Taft), Jacky Joy and Leya Falcon. Verified Call currently is accepting applications from performers who wish to join the service.
Each performer's page is theirs alone and is not linked to other performers' pages. This makes it personal and individual, and fans won't be redirected to another page, Vogner said. Verified Call has roots in mainstream technology.
Additionally, talent agencies, studios, adult-oriented companies and webmasters now can use the platform. Agents can add girls from their rosters and receive a percentage on top of what their girl charges. Foxxx Modeling was the first on board and others will be added this month.

Studios can use the service to promote and package upcoming feature movies and products, along with their stars. Webmasters can cash in for additional revenue on pay sites and even monetize free sites. And white label sites can work seamlessly with the platform by accepting virtual currency.
“Originally, we set the site up for performers, so they could make money and not have to be tied down to being connected at home, doing their make-up and hair and/or going on webcam—girls can easily make hundreds or even thousands weekly,” Vogner said. "Performers can set the rate per minute, decide when they work and if they’ll take the call. They get 100 percent of what they charge—we make our money by adding on a processing fee paid for completely by the caller. Since we’ve done well with the girls, we decided to open up the platform to [other] industry professionals, so they can profit, too.”  

Olson has kept busy since hosting the 2012 AVN Awards, most recently generating headlines for being a part of's Boob Bus, which toured the streets of New York City offering free breast exams with a doctor on board. Olson touted the benefits of self-examination and early detection, a subject that's hit her close to home.

"My mother got diagnosed with cancer last week," she said, "so this cause is really important to me."

Olson also recently filmed a music video for a dance single she wrote and recorded called "I'm in Love With a Hollywood Douchebag."

"It's similar to 'I'm on a Boat' and Lonely Island songs," she said. "I wrote the lyrics and used some of the girls in adult in the video like Alexis Ford. I learned choreography and Andre Madness directed and filmed the video. It's in editing right now and drops this week on my YouTube page."