Breaking Tanner Mays

Nineteen-year-old Florida cutie Tanner Mays is about to take a big step in her porn career as she arrives at the studio where Vince Vouyer is gearing up for her box cover shoot and blowbang/three-way scene that will be featured in Vouyer Media's Breakin' Em In 12.

Mays arrives wearing only a pair of heels, panties and a little shirt that Vouyer has fashioned into something like a dress ... or a shirt/dress ... or a shress. Mays is about as cute as can be with her eager, girl-next-door fascination with the porn industry and her track-stopping good looks that would seem equally as home on the cover of a fashion magazine as on any quality Porn Valley box cover.

And few box covers can compete with the top-shelf quality Vouyer has developed for his company. As his photographer sets up for the box cover shots — the first order of business for the day — Vouyer oversees every step of the operation.

Mays, meanwhile, waits on a nearby couch, radiating that new-girl glow like SoCal sunshine.

"I'm nervous," Mays confesses. "I've never had that many cocks in my face at one time. I don't know what I'll do first." When the box cover shoot is finished, Mays will be surrounded by male genitalia in a five-guy blowbang, from which she'll choose two lucky guys to finish her off in a proper three-way.

"I've always been really sexual," she continues. "I never told anyone else because I thought it was a bad thing. But it's different now that I'm in porn. I love it."

Since she started working in front of the camera about seven months ago, Mays has been flying to Los Angeles once a month, quietly racking up about 70 scenes during that time.

"Before that, I was a legal receptionist for five different lawyers," Mays adds. "I was always on the computer — or on Myspace. I was thinking about doing a webcam when I received a message from Missy May who is with an agency in Florida.

"I never knew porn was real," Mays confesses. But at the age of 18, she ended up at the agent's office.

"He asked, 'Have you ever done adult?' I said, 'Adult what?' He said, 'Porno.' So, I'm impulsive and decided to try it."

On Friday of that same week, Mays did her first porn scene...and by Sunday, she was a career porn girl.

"I was still in college then," Mays adds. "I didn't quit until after I started flying out to Los Angeles."

"[Vouyer Media director] Donnie Cabo sent me her photo from [agent] Jim South," Vouyer says of his first time seeing her. "I was blown away by her face when I first saw her, so we put her in a couple of teen movies."

Mays did her first boy/boy/girl for Vouyer's Teens In Tight Jeans series.

"I had never done two guys before that," says Mays. "After that, Donnie said, 'Why don't you do something with a few more guys?' Why not?" Mays replied with an impulsive grin. "What's a few more?" And the Tanner Mays blowbang was born.

"Hearing the way people talk when you first get into the biz is kind of unbelievable," Mays adds. "But once you get in, it becomes normal."

As Cabo runs the behind-the-scenes camera on Mays and Vouyer's photographer continues setting up lights, Vouyer asks Mays what her creepiest experience has been so far. Mays pauses to think.

"I had just started in the business and I was in the middle of a scene," Mays begins. "The camera was turned off but we were still having sex and this guy suddenly turned on his fantasy. 'You're the perfect teen daughter,' he started saying to me while we kept fucking. He even brought my mom into the fantasy." Mays stops to think about it for a moment. "I actually liked it."

Soon after, Mays steps on set for her box cover shoot. She sits in a make-up chair in front of a Hollywood-style make-up table and large mirror with light bulbs running around its perimeter. In between shots, Vouyer steps in, musses with Mays' hair so it lays just right and positions her legs and dress just so.

The photographer pops off a bunch of shots and periodically hands Vouyer the camera so he can check the pictures. As the photo shoot continues, male talent begins trickling in and Cabo puts down the BTS camera to wrangle them into the front room of the studio.

Back on set, Cabo relays, "They're asking if she's hot."

"Show them some BTS video," Vouyer tells him. Cabo heads back to the front room with the video camera and Vouyer turns back to Mays. "Tanner, are you into girls?"

"I've fooled around with them but I wouldn't date one," she replies.

One of the crew asks, "When two girls go out on a date, which one pays?"

"The sucker guy who thinks he's going home with both of them," Vouyer replies.

When the photo shoot is done, Vouyer calls the male talent on set and explains the rules. "Don't take the girl's clothes off," he tells them. "That's what everyone tends to do at first." Vouyer goes on to explain what he wants during the blowbang, how she's going to swallow each load and how she's going to pick which guys come first.

"And guys," he adds, "when she walks in, show a little excitement. Verbally."

Mays coyly steps on set with a cute smile on her face. "Don't look so innocent," Cabo jokes with her.

Vouyer gives her one last piece of direction before setting her loose. "Remember, you're the aggressor. Be verbal." Vouyer calls "Action" and follows Mays as she walks towards the quintet of dudes.

"Hi, boys," Mays says as she steps into the middle of the semi-circle of guys and kneels down in front of them.

She seems quick to figure out what to do.