Breaking Glass Pictures, New Indie DVD Distributor, Debuts

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—TLA Releasing veterans Rich Wolff and Richard Ross have announced the creation of a new North American distribution company, Breaking Glass Pictures, so named because of both partners' admiration for the classic David Bowie song "Breaking Glass," which first appeared on Bowie's 1977 conceptual album Low.

Breaking Glass Pictures will focus on releasing a wide range of provocative and challenging films from all genres, beginning with Anna Brownfield's The Band—no, not the former Bob Dylan back-up musicians who went on to fame and fortune on their own, but a fictional Australian group that includes an "anal bass player," a cross-dressing drummer and their former lead singer's ex-girlfriend playing their way to (you guessed it) fame and fortune ... and lots and lots of sex! And the fact that the film will open this year's Berlin Porn Film Festival can't hurt.

Also on tap for the roll-out is cult director Everett Lewis' Lucky Bastard, a semi-autobiographical tale about Rusty, a young gay designer whose life spins out of control after he's fired from his firm and gets picked up by a sexy street hustler who "takes Rusty to dark places Rusty never knew existed."

Both films will be released on Nov. 17.

And in early 2010, Breaking Glass will be releasing Just Like the Son, the latest film from Morgan J. Freeman. It's the story of Daniel Carter, a 20-year-old delinquent who unknowingly finds redemption while serving a sentence of community service at a Lower East Side grade school by helping a 6-year-old child, Boone, find a better life.

Breaking Glass will also be entering into a joint venture with Australian distributor Bounty Entertainment, which will allow both companies to acquire still more films for worldwide sales.

Breaking Glass will also provide service deals, and has begun to actively seek such distribution agreements, as well as existing catalogs to distribute. They'll also be distributing up to 12 titles per year through the company's own specialty label, Vicious Circle Films, which will specialize in "extreme material" including Ryan Nicholson's Hanger, about a fetus that survives a botched abortion and seeks revenge on just about everyone, and Joseph Guzman's Run Bitch Run, an "homage to classic rape revenge films such as Ms. 45 and I Spit On Your Grave."

Wolff and Ross are aware of the difficulties of starting a new venture in the current down economy, but with their combined expertise—Wolff was a partner and director of acquisitions at TLA Releasing, while Ross was director of North American and UK sales—they hope to defy expectations.

"Despite the current market chaos, we have decades of experience in the industry," Wolff said. "We are ready and excited for the challenge of bringing audiences the kind of entertainment they will gladly want to support."

For more information about Breaking Glass Pictures, contact Rich Wolff, [email protected] or Richard Ross, [email protected], or call (267) 324-3934.