Brazzers Goes DVD With Jules Jordan Video

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Big-boob web portal has signed an exclusive DVD distribution deal with Jules Jordan Video.

"Anybody that knows anything about internet content has heard of Brazzers," Jordan said. "They're a huge brand on the internet, and I was actually surprised they never came out with DVDs. So I kind of hit them up and offered them DVD distribution. They're real big on their brand, as I am on mine, so I think merging the two brands together is a no-brainer for instant DVD sales."

Said Brazzer, co-owner and namesake of the website, "We were approached by a lot of people, and decided to go with Jules Jordan Video because of the huge name recognition in the DVD marketplace. We were looking for somebody known for quality, good business practices, a respected name, and we felt Jules Jordan Video was a great fit. So now we'll be able to get our product out into other markets, and we think it was a really good choice for us."

Overseeing a host of sub-genre sites including Big Tits at Work, Big Tits at School, Mommy Got Boobs and MILFs Like It Big, Brazzers is known for offering top-notch talent and footage.

"They're like me — no expenses spared with their content," Jordan said. "You look at all their websites, and you see what they put into their product, and I think that principal definitely applies here at Jules Jordan Video, as well. So it's kind of a match made in heaven for all of us. I think DVD fans are going to be exposed to a whole bunch of content that they never knew existed, and hopefully for their customers on the web, they'll be into the DVDs [as] kind of a collector's item, as well."

Jordan told AVN that Brazzers fills "a real void" in the big-bust niche. "They do it right," he said. "The presentation's great, the girls look great, and the casting is superior. So I think with all that going for it, it's going to be a great business relationship."

According to Jordan, Brazzers will retain ownership of all its content, and JJV will provide worldwide distribution of its DVDs. "It's similar to the other Jules Jordan Video deals that I have," he said, "where the producers retain ownership, and we just distribute it for them. It's been a successful model, so that's what we're going to do."

Brazzers DVDs will debut in January, beginning with Big Tits at Work and Big Tits at School. Initially, Jordan said, two titles per month will be released, with a possible increase around March.

"They have so much content that hasn't seen DVD yet, there's a lot of different series we can do with that," Jordan said. "I think there's a real demand for internet content, just because a lot of it is so fresh and new. These guys don't have any preconceived notions going into shooting the content, so I think they really put a great effort into it and provide something that's unique and different."

The official website for Brazzers DVDs will be located at