Brandon Iron and Platinum X Split

After four years of producing hardcore titles together, Platinum X Pictures and director/performer Brandon Iron have parted ways. 

"Brandon is a great guy and a tremendous director," said Platinum X founder David Joseph. "He's a very talented director, but Platinum X is going in a different direction right now and he's going in a different direction. We left very politely and we're on good terms. We wish him the best."

Iron, however, feels differently about the split. "My feelings upon being terminated are best summed up by quoting Amy Ried from Baker's Dozen #8 when she said, "Oh shit! Fuck me!" said Iron. "Anyone with get-rich-quick schemes or directions to the blood bank, please e-mail me!"

While at Platinum X, Iron directed such popular series as Baker's Dozen, 50 to 1, A Good Source of Iron, Photographic Mammaries, Ten Little Piggies, and the Ted Nugent-inspired title Intensities in 10 Cities.

Those interested in contacting Iron may do so at [email protected].