Brad Patton, Jason Kingsley to Co-Star in Buckshot's Beyond Perfect

COLT Studio Group announced today that casting for multi-award-winning writer/director Jerry Douglas’ Buckshot Productions feature, Beyond Perfect, has been completed.

Heading the 13-man cast are Brad Patton and Jason Kingsley. Other big names include award-winning Buckshot Men Timmy Thomas and Brad Benton from BuckleRoos and Jason Crew from recent Buckshot release LeatherBound. Also in the cast are Pete Ross, Justin Gemineye, Marc Sterling, and Chad Thomas, plus newcomers Josh Everett, Miles Gere, and Andy Briggs. Legendary director Joe Gage appears in a non-sexual role.

“I’m extremely happy with the final casting and pre-production for Beyond Perfect,” said John Rutherford, COLT Studio Group President and Creative Director. “Jerry is one of the industry’s best directors and with Brad Patton and Mr. Joe Gage, along with all the other talented people, I think the movie's title describes the project perfectly.”

In the announcement, Douglas revealed the movie's origin. “The script came about one day when I was listening to a pair of lovers on the verge of breaking up," he said. "As they fought I realized that each of them remembered their relationship very differently. I have always been fascinated by the Japanese film Rashomon, which explores the ways in which different people remember the same incident in different ways — just as each of these lovers was convinced his memory of their relationship was the real truth. That’s how Beyond Perfect was born.”

The production begins a ten-day shoot on location in Northern California next week. It is scheduled for release in November 2005 to COLT Studio Group’s mail-order and online customers. Beyond Perfect will be available in stores by February 2006.

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