Brad Armstrong Enters Parody Arena with Wicked

LOS ANGELES—Acclaimed director Brad Armstrong is expanding his award-winning repertoire to include the adult parody genre. The Wicked Pictures director is planning a slate of four parodies for the fall season.

“This is something totally new for me, and I can’t wait to get started,” Armstrong said. “I’ve been slow to enter the parody market, but it seems the mainstream audience, and even the producers of some of the original shows, are embracing parodies, so the timing feels right. And in this market, it makes sense to acknowledge the prevailing trends.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Risky Business, TV show 24 and a pairing of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman all will get the parody treatment from Armstrong and Wicked.

Armstrong plans on being slightly unconventional in his approach to directing these movies, saying that he’s “planning on doing some serious titles and some comedies. I also want to take some titles that were originally dramas and add some humor.”

While Armstrong had planned on kicking things off with The Rocky Whore Picture Show, due to licensing issues that prevented him from using the actual soundtrack, he’s tackling Almost 24 first, which is scheduled for a late August or early September release. Randy Spears is playing the heroic Jack Bauer character. 

“I’ve watched a lot of the parodies that have been done over the last two years,” Armstrong said. “Some of them have been really good, while others have been a cheap disguise for bad ’90s-style porn. But the distributors and consumers can’t seem to get enough. Some might say that parodies are fizzling out, but the numbers don’t lie. They’re still outselling most of the other product out there. It just feels like the right time to jump in and have some fun.”

Wicked Pictures owner Steve Orenstein is excited to see his director try something new after such a decorated career.

“Brad has had an amazing career in adult entertainment, spanning almost 15 years and such releases as Conquest, Flashpoint, Euphoria, Dreamquest, Manhunters, Eternity, Coming Home, Fuck, Curse Eternal, Fallen and last year’s 2040," he said. "All of these movies were nominated for, or won, AVN’s Best Video or Best Film award when they were released. I'm excited to see him unleash his movie-making abilities in the parody arena."