Bonnie Rotten Gets Really Randy in 'Let's Fuck' Music Video

LOS ANGELES—A newly released music video by Los Angeles band Piece by Piece titled "Let's Fuck" stars reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten as the highly sexualized daydream of the band's vocalist, Terror drummer Nick Jett.

Posted to Vimeo here, the video is decidedly NSFW for most workplaces, featuring as it does the topless writhings of the popular tatted porn star as she hooks up with Jett at an In-and-Out burger joint, takes him back to a room and, as the title suggests, fucks him silly ... or not.

Aside from the language and the porn star's famous webbed boobies, the fucking is not explicit, of course, but no matter—Rotten, who shares the entire 2:48 screen time with Jett, remains a provocative sexual presence in a video with hardcore punk roots.

Image: Screen grab from 'Let's Fuck," by Piece by Piece.