Bong Load Girls Get Buzz

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Performer/director Rob Rotten is generating buzz with Bong Load Girls, a self-produced stoner porn epic releasing this month through JM Productions.

Bong Load Girls stars glaucoma victims Ruby Knox, Jeanie Marie, Kat, Jamie Elle, Kaylee Lovecox and Daisy Tanks in a series of THC-enhanced hardcore vignettes. Psychedelic visuals, music and humor surround the sex.

"The catering budget for Bong Load Girls was huge," Rotten told AVN. "I'm really proud of this movie."

Highlights include a spacey solo masturbation sequence with Ruby Knox, Rotten ravaging Kat's sphincter in exchange for a hash-oil delivery, and Johnny Thrust as a nerd who dresses in Rasta drag to con dope-addled Jamie Elle into a couch-fuck.

While studies show that pot can make the chronic user lazy, slow and stupid, Bong Load Girls proves you can fix those problems in post-production. An opening disclaimer features Rotten preaching a just-say-no message in the style of an old "white-coater" exploitation flick.

"We were not all there while we were making it, but the movie came together quite well in post," Rotten said. "After we finished shooting a scene with Jeanie Marie and Tony Tedeschi, we realized we forgot to shoot Jeanie walking through the door."

Tedeschi is perfectly typecast as a pothead waiting for the perpetual pizza delivery in the movie's most conspicuously stoned performance.

"When I called Tony his girlfriend answered," Rotten said. "I told her I wanted to hire Tony to smoke a lot of weed during a boy/girl scene. She busted out laughing and said, Is this a joke? This is Tony's dream job!"

Rotten has received high marks for his achievement. Fleshbot, Gamelink and other sites are raving about the movie.

"Rob is one of the few porn directors who really cares about his movies," said JM Productions publicist Tony Malice. "He put a lot of work into this, and he deserves credit for that."

Bong Load Girls is available for download in advance of its calculated 4/20 street date. Visit and for more info.

JM Productions' DVD release will include a soundtrack CD with bonus tracks not heard in the video. Pre-order now at