Bobbi Starr Joins Evil Angel Directors' Roster

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Evil Angel has added powerhouse performer Bobbi Starr to its exclusive roster of directors. The highly lauded fan-favorite performer, known for both beauty and brains, as well as her performances featuring a voracious sexual intensity, is adding to her status as porn’s Renaissance woman.

"Long ago, I read a book about the evolution of human sexuality,” Evil Angel founder John Stagliano said. “The author stated that female sexuality is more diverse then male sexuality. Mostly, men just want to get in and get off. Women, on the other hand, like to play. Bobbi likes to play."

Starr said she dreamed of directing for Evil Angel and looked up to its directors since she started performing.

"When I first entered this business,” explained Starr, “I looked up to Belladonna and the other directors at Evil Angel. I always enjoyed shooting for them, but directing for Evil Angel was a dream that always seemed just that—a dream. When I got the call from [Evil Angel GM] Christian Mann telling me John wants me to come on board, I asked someone to pinch me. I'm still wondering if I'm going to wake up and find out that I've dozed off on an all-day shoot."

Starr’s first release for the company, Bobbi’s World, is a female’s POV gonzo movie.

"I plan to shoot movies that are hardcore and graphic in their sexuality,” Starr said. “No surprise there, but these scenes will also show the many ways women enjoy sex on their own terms. I have always been a staunchly pro-sex feminist. I believe consenting adults should never feel guilty for enjoying sex. Sometimes there'll be a dominant theme, where the woman takes charge and makes the male subservient to her whims and other times the woman will receive pleasure from being submissive. Sometimes it'll be two people trying to outdo each other while fucking…and every variation in between."

Stagliano shares Starr’s enthusiasm about her unique approach: “As demonstrated by her many stunning performances for Evil Angel's other directors, Bobbi brings a powerful sexuality and great creativity. In the POV style of shooting, the appeal of a movie depends on the spontaneous creativity and charisma of the performer/director. And it sure is nicer looking at her do POV than some old fart like Buttman." 

Bobbi’s World releases via VOD and DVD on Aug. 24. The two-disc DVD set promises to be an ambitious debut for the award-winning veteran performer’s directorial career.

Keenly aware of the significance of her new task, Starr added, "Just as Evil Angel directors like John Stagliano, Belladonna, Joey Silvera, Christoph Clark, John Leslie and Rocco Siffredi have influenced the way a whole generation thinks about what pornography is and how it should be shot, I hope to make a similar impression on people who are just starting to watch adult entertainment."

For more information about Starr visit her official website at Follow her on Twitter at @BobbiStarr.