Bobbi Dylan: Dreaming of the Big Time ... and Big Orgies

LOS ANGELES—Bobbi Dylan "broke her porn cherry" in October of 2015, but she tells AVN to expect much more in the future. So far her résumé features mostly online scenes; now, she's ready to move into the Big Time.

"I'm still new to a lot of companies," she laments. "I haven't shot for a lot of the new, beginner-girl companies, so I've just kind of been scattered about. People have seen my work in different genres—girl/girl, boy/girl, group—and I still want to get my face out there to the companies that haven't booked me."

And that's surprising, since the petite brunette is up for pretty much anything. After all, she was part of Maestro Stefano's hundred orgasm slave girl birthday orgy for Kink, plenty of girl/girl scenes for companies like Girlsway, Mile High and Brazzers, plus her share of IR for Kink, Digital Sin and—though one of her real loves is BDSM.

“That's my thing; that's what my lifestyle is,” she giggles, adding, "My parents are swingers, and I went more into the hardcore scene, but we're also open relationship types."

And for a 24-year-old, Bobbi's already got more experience working in mainstream than some people get in a lifetime.

"I've had like a hundred jobs," she boasts. "I worked at Radio Shack; I was a manager before they got bought out. I worked at T-Mobile tech support; I was a dietary aide; I was a lifeguard; I was a model; I was a first responder; I was a student teacher, but the kids thought I was younger than them, and they were bigger than me, and I'm like, 'I swear I'm your teacher!' These were high school kids, sophomores. Some of the kids were six foot tall, and I'm like, 'Damnit, I'm smaller than you but I give out the grades!'"

And of course, she also worked in an adult emporium, where she sold "a lot of stripperware, and we also did a lot of DVDs."

"We had about 10,000 DVDs that I had to count every single day, so I knew every director, I knew most of the talent—when I meet people, I can tell them what DVDs they've been in," she claims. "They tried to make me work in one that had video booths with gloryholes. They paid a separate guy to clean them up, but they're like, 'Yeah, you just gotta go back there and kick the booth every once in a while and tell them to feed the tokens,' and I was like, 'I'm cool with every fetish and every experience but that's a little much.' But then it made me curious to want to do a gloryhole scene—but in a safe way, not that way. But I loved that gloryhole series. It worked, you know; they're real, you know."

But what does this 5-foot-3, 110-pound beauty really want to do in porn?

"Orgies! Yeah, just tons of orgies all the time! My optimum number of people is from 10 to a thousand. One woman in Poland slept with like 1,300, I think. I hope to beat that one day. I think it went on for like 30 hours, 32 hours—it was like a convention of group sex."

But leaving that aside, she really wants to work with a variety of directors, "because everyone has a different vision, and they have a different way of putting it across, from artistic to gonzo to full feature films, and being the porn fan that I am, having had to go through and index 10,000 titles every day for a year, I've gotten a good view of who shoots what, and I just want to see myself in everyone's art." (Hint: She's done some mainstream work and she loves dialogue!)

As for how Bobbi relaxes, she's a craftsperson; she's built everything from birdhouses to computers to solar cookers, loves doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles, and has crocheted herself five bathing suits—and a Frisbee.

"I just love challenging my mind," she says. "I'm very educated and mentally stimulated."

Of that, we have no doubt!

Bobbi Dylan is represented by OC Modeling. Follow her on Twitter: @BobbiDylanXXX.

Photo of Bobbi Dylan by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto