Bob Chinn Pens Series of Novels Based on ‘Johnny Wadd’ Films

LOS ANGELES—Golden Age adult director Bob Chinn, creator of the nine-part Johnny Wadd adult film series that launched the career of John Holmes, is set to publish his first novel based on one of the early films of the iconic detective series he helmed in 1971.

Flesh of the Lotus is the first of six books written by Chinn to be published by BearManor Fiction. The series of novels was inspired by Chinn’s desire to expand upon the adult film’s storyline and character.

BearManor Fiction also published the Holmes biography, John Holmes: A Life Measured by Inches, in 2008 by Jennifer Sugar and Jill C. Nelson.

“In this book I have tried to depict the character as more or less as I had originally envisioned him and would have liked him to be, and the story is set in the very era in which he was created,” Chinn said. “It was the era of the Vietnam War when both our country and our society were in the beginning stages of undergoing a radical transformation. 

Johnny Wadd, the private detective character that I have depicted in this book was a part of that revolutionary era and he should not be confused with John Holmes, the man, even though somehow they seem to have become almost inextricably linked by history into a single person.” 

AVN Hall of Famer Chinn, a graduate of UCLA film school, discovered Holmes and then created the concept and wrote the script for Johnny Wadd as a vehicle to showcase Holmes. Johnny Wadd was released on DVD by VCX in 2008.

Additionally, Chinn’s life story has been optioned by Hollywood production company Formosa Films for the purposes of a theatrical feature film. The film will be based on Chinn’s 10-year professional relationship with Holmes.

Chinn’a biopic will be co-produced by Will Tiao (the producer and star of the political thriller Formosa Betrayed) and John Radulovic (producer of the Showtime TV series Californication). 

“I feel an overwhelming responsibility to tell [Chinn’s] story, John's story, and the story of all those who you worked with in a way that honors all of you,” Tiao said. “Your story is part of America's story and it must be told in an honest, truthful, unflinching way.”