Bob Blisten Moves to Storm Value

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Former Dane Productions vice president Bob Blisten has taken a sales post at Storm Value Video.

"I've never seen an inventory like this in my life," Blisten told AVN. "They have more product here than I've ever seen in any place I've ever been. And price-wise, I can beat anybody out there. That's for sure.

"Those who have dealt with me know my main concern is service," Blisten went on. "Having my own business for 44 years, I realize what happens after the sale is far more important than the initial transaction. I will never send you anything you do not want or order. You will receive exactly what you want, no games. And I now have the inventory to fill needs I could never fill before. I hope to hear from all my friends and be allowed the opportunity to help you with all your needs."

Bob Blisten can be reached at (800) 609-5901 or on his cell phone at (818) 400-4190. Storm Value Video is located at 12065 Branford St. #7, Sun Valley, CA 91362, and the fax number for the company is (800) 409-5902.