Blue Circus, London Gunn Team Up on 'Paranormal Activity'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Dick Chibbles' Blue Circus Entertainment continues its run of XXX takes on iconic horror franchises with the just-wrapped Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody, this time joining forces with Marcus London and Tommy Gunn's London Gunn Productions.

Co-directed by Chibbles, London and Jack Vegas, this latest horror porn excursion follows in the mold of Chibbles' Saw: A Hardcore Parody and The Blair Witch Project: A Hardcore Parody, both nominated for major AVN Awards going into January's ceremony. Here, actress and co-producer Bailey Blue takes on the role of the evil spirit-gripped girlfriend portrayed in the mainstream Paranormal trilogy by Katie Featherston.

"The movie is sexy and scary," Blue said. "I think fans of thrillers will really enjoy it. It has a strong cast as well. I had a great time making it."

Blue is joined in the movie by Chibbles, London, Gunn and Vegas, as well as Devon Lee and newcomer Whitney Grace.

"It's always a pleasure to come together for a project that is completely different than anything else in the market," offered Vegas. "Working with good friends who believe in the concept of thinking outside the box (no pun intended) seems to always come together great."

Added Gunn, "Once again the forces combine to put together another awesome collaborative effort from the cast. We worked hard and had a great time doing it. Everybody was tremendously professional ... hope to do it again soon."

Not everybody involved may feel the same, however; several members of the team claim to have been plagued by actual paranormal activity during production, which Chibbles hopes to have captured on video. "I will definitely be searching the footage for real evidence in the location and of course put it in the behind the scenes reel," he said.

"I had never experienced so many problems with my equipment," London reported, "from memory cards with no data saying that they were full, cameras not recording when they were set to record, full power outage in our location for 10 seconds before returning, and even noises on the upper floor while we shot sex in a lower bedroom with no explanation. It was certainly a shoot I will never forget."

Chibbles, who says he's taken part in a number of genuine paranormal research expeditions, noted that his experience doing so helped lend the production more fright factor. "During investigations we debunk the occurence by recreating it. We used a lot of these physical techniques in the film instead of using computer generated graphics for more chilling results," he explained.

Paranormal Activity: A Hardcore Parody is slated for a May/June release through Pulse Distribution.