Blue and Monroe Tour Midwest Hustler Hollywoods

Ashley Blue and Missy Monroe delighted fans Thursday evening during the middle of their Hustler Hollywood Midwest tour. Their dizzy schedule bounced them about the area and encompassed, in puzzling backtracking order, first the Hustler store in Cincinnati, then south to Lexington, back north to Monroe, and will culminate Friday evening way down south at the new Hustler Hollywood Nashville where fans with brass will see some ass.

Blue, who recently received a Best Supporting Actress award from AVN, was there to represent the fine folks at JM Productions astheir contact girl. She looked positively innocent in her Girlvert shirt. Monroe, still basking in the glow last month of winning an XRCO award for Best Group Scene, teased customers while adorned in a red bra and short shorts.

The girls appeared earlier on New Rock 97.3 WAQZ to promo the tour. During the broadcast parody porn titles were brought up. Feeling that names like Forest Hump were too lame, the energized girls made up the title Cum Shitters – which resulted in a double bleep each of the two times the gals tossed it over the airwaves.

Potential webmasters take note: when a fan asked Blue about the absence of her own site, she informed him that, if she had a web site, it would be different and, instead of the usual things that everyone else has, she would “…have someone with a camera follow me around for a few days while I am drunk and talking dirty.” Now that’s entertainment.

Monroe was eager to mention her JM Productions title Missy Monroe Is A Cock Star. In addition to appearing in all four scenes, she revealed that “…it was the only time - ever! - where I couldn’t fuck any more. I was completely done. Satisfied.”

Once you get them started, Blue and Monroe talk non-stop and, when one pauses, the other jumps in to keep things going like twin sisters. They were eager to relate how, the previous night at the bar at Outback restaurant, a male fan asked them the second oldest question in porn: how do guys get in the biz. Without missing a beat, they told him that, in order to have the right stuff, the guy would have to be able to whip it out right then and there and whack off in public. To their amazement and amusement, he then proceeded to whip it out. At that point they were called to their table and the guy was left standing there, dick in hand, at the bar.

Pictured: Missy Monroe and Ashley Blue.